Garrigues Guitarfest

The sound of strings conquers Les Garrigues

The Garrigues Guitar Festival “Memorial Emili Pujol” champions and promotes the life and work of the master of classical guitar by paying tribute to his vocation for teaching and disseminating excellence in the art of playing guitar.

Organised by the local town councils of Les Borges Blanques, Arbeca, Torrebesses, Vinaixa, La Granadella, Torms, Granyena de les Garrigues, La Floresta, L’Espluga Calba, El Cogul and La Pobla de Cérvoles, each municipality in the Lleida county of Les Garrigues hosts at least one of the 15 concerts that will be held in Pujol’s honour between July 10 and August 27.

The schedule of this 11th edition starts in Les Borges with the show Bàrbars, featuring Jordina Biosca (narrator) and David Garcia (guitar).

The festival agenda includes some of the best-known names in the world of guitar, such as Ana María Iordache, the Chilean Nicolás Acevo, Duo Terracota, Duo Rojo-Marín, Kobékina & Voicente Duo, Jonathan Ross Parkin, Elea Duo, Quartet Ensemble XXI, Duo BecerraSerra, Sílvia Nogales & Joma, Pedro Javier González, Jacob Cordover and Duo Jovicic-Scevola.

The Emili Pujol Symposium will take place on Saturday August 6, from 11am to 2pm at the Pedra Seca de Torrebesses Interpretation Centre, where the figure and legacy of the musicologist will be explored by three specialists: Pau Capdevila, Carles Herràiz and Jordi Guimet. The symposium will end with guest musicians performing various interpretations of works composed by maestro Pujol.

From 10 July to 27 August
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