A summer of. July / festivals

Canet Rock is back and sells out, while Catalonia gets ready for an intense summer events featuring music, arts and fun in the open air

1. Some 25,000 people attended the Canet Rock festival on July 2, in the seaside town just outside Barcelona, after two years of Covid restrictions. It brought together the most popular bands and artists in the country for 12 hours of non-stop music. Many more festivals followed all over Catalonia during the summer.
2. UK prime minister Boris Johnson resigned on July 7, after an exodus of dozens of Conservative party members who publicly voiced their lack of confidence in the PM. Johnson’s nearly three-year premiership had survived many scandals and controversial affairs, so much so that he was called the “Teflon PM”.
3. The wildfire that broke out on July 1 in Castell d’Aro, Girona, was finally brought under control. The flames burnt 70 hectares, according to the authorities. Hundreds of people were evacuated after the blaze broke out near residential areas, but they were all allowed to return home the following day.
4. The groundbreaking British theatre director Peter Brook, whose huge influence reached around the world, died in Paris at the age of 97. One of the most creative and controversial stage directors of post-war Britain, he left an indelible mark with his plays, musicals, opera and a relentless curiosity.

A guide of the best home holidays

Long-desired normality returned with lots of summer festivals and cultural events that turn Catalonia into a cultural hub in Europe. We offered a complete guide of the summer events and suggestions for places to visit for the best holiday.

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