Nits de Circ

Circus under the stars

Besalú and Roses will once again become the capitals of circus by hosting the Nits de Circ festival. After the success of its two previous editions, the circus festival is back with about 15,000 tickets on sale this summer. Promoted by the Circus Arts Foundation, the festival will take place in two unique venues: the Jardins del Molí de Besalú (August 6-9) and the Ciutadella de Roses (August 16-23).

The new show, designed once again by its artistic director, Genís Matabosch, lasts an hour and a half and has no intermission. In total, there are nine exceptional performances by 24 artists from 11 different countries, and live music performed by the Paris Circus Orchestra.

The programme this year aims to break the attendance record with the following performances of the biggest names of international circus: the high-altitude flights with aerial straps by Brazil’s Giselle Souza, the world balance record holders Duo Vitalys (Peru), strength and acrobatics on the pole from Colombia’s Duo Acero, the reckless knife throwers Blade 2 Blade (Italy and Ukraine), the intrepid flying trapeze artists The Flying Henriquez (Chile, Hungary and South Africa), the rebound juggling breakout artist Sergio Paolo (Chile), the daredevil high-altitude tightrope walkers Marin Family (Colombia), the genius of humour without words, Matute (Chile), and the impossible contortions in the aerial circle of Alexandra Sazonova (Uzbekistan).

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From August 9 to 23
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