The wine road

The Wine Road is a route that allows wine lovers to discover the old route linking the vineyards of El Penedès with the beaches of El Garraf, via which the local wine was transported to the port for it be sold all over the world.

It is a joint initiative of seven municipalities and 13 wineries, who have come together to publicise their tourist attractions. The linear route of 35 km connects the starting point, the castle of Sant Martí Sarroca, with the beaches of Sitges and runs through the towns of Pacs del Penedès, Vilafranca del Penedès, Sant Miquel d’Olèrdola, Canyelles and Sant Pere de Ribes.

Of course, the most interesting thing is to be able to make stops along the way to visit one of the 13 wineries or discover the corners of these towns, where we find everything from vestiges of the Iberians to components of modernism, through castles and popular and traditional architecture of the territory, completed with a wide range of cultural attractions and a varied gastronomy. The 13 wineries that belong to this unique route and can be visited by booking in advance are: Mas Tinell, Pinord, Colet, Torres, Finca Viladellops, Hospital de Sitges, La Xarmada, Mas Bertran, Masia Torreblanca, Parés Baltà, Puig-Batet, Rovellats and Torre del Veguer.

Once a year, The Wine Road also organises the Flowering Festival, an event to celebrate the flowering of the vineyard and enjoy the wines and cavas of the 13 wineries, paired with a first-class gastronomic menu, wine tourism activities and live music. Each edition is held in a different winery on the route, where attendees enjoy the best wines and cavas of each brand.

A wineries passport

To fully enjoy all the possibilities offered by The Wine Road, visitors can obtain a physical passport, which gives wine tourists preferential treatment during visits to the different wineries on the route, such as high-end wine tastings or discounts on special activities. Visits to the museums and monumental sites can be done at a reduced rate or a special discount when presenting the passport upon arrival.

Also, visits are rewarded. When a passport holder visits the sixth winery, they receive a personalised box of six bottles of wine or cava (one bottle for each winery visited). This will be repeated on the 12th visit, when the visitor will receive a second box with six bottles from the next wineries visited. The physical passport is valid for two people and can be purchased at all of the wineries that are part of The Wine Road route, on the website or at activities organised by The Wine Road.

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