Catalonia Today spreads its wings

After 10 years as a newspaper and magazine, Catalonia Today extends its reach to include daily news and TV

The English language magazine Catalonia Today celebrated its 10th anniversary in June this year. However, the publication is about to start a new adventure this month with a major expansion of its contribution to the range of products offered by the El Punt Avui media group, of which it is part.

Over the years, Catalonia Today has offered information and analysis of local issues in English, addressing a wide family of readers from Catalonia and abroad. With the need to master English growing steadily over the past decade, the relevance of resources like Catalonia Today can make a big difference in helping those wanting to advance in the global lingua franca to achieve their goals.

In fact, helping to improve our readers' knowledge of English has always been one of the most important aims of the magazine. Another has been to provide those readers who are to some extent dependent on English with information about their adopted country. With these two objectives in mind, Catalonia Today will now be able to offer more information – and more English – than ever before.

Since April last year, Catalonia Today has made a weekly contribution to Presència – El Punt Avui's Sunday supplement – accompanied by feature and opinion articles, quizzes and reading comprehension activities. However, from November 10, and scheduled to coincide with the historic events surrounding 9N, Catalonia Today and El Punt Avui will embark on new joint projects, including two pages of English news and commentary in the group's daily newspaper. And that's not all, as Catalonia Today will also provide an hour of English television on El Punt Avui's new TV channel every evening.

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