from the editor


The start of an ambitious adventure

November is an important month for the country, but also for the magazine you have in your hands right now. As you will see in this issue, on November 10 Catalonia Today starts a new adventure by providing new English content for El Punt Avui newspaper and El Punt Avui television channel. The new proposal is very ambitious, aiming as it does to offer El Punt Avui's readers two pages of news in English on a daily basis, all content produced by the experts in presenting Catalan news in English, Catalonia Today. The same goes for the El Punt Avui TV channel, which will have an hour of English programmes every day, all presented by members of the magazine. We recommend you tune in your televisions so as not miss these unique offerings.

At the same time, change is afoot in the country as a whole and it is a key month for the self determination process in Catalonia. Since the suspension of the November 9 referendum, other avenues are being explored in order to find a definitive resolution of the political conflict between Catalonia and Spain. A lot remains up in the air, but whatever happens you can read all about it, in English, every day in El Punt or following it on El Punt Avui Televisió.

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