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Gràcia, Barcelona,. germà capdevila

'V' for vote, 'V' for victory

The Catalan National Assembly (Assemblea Nacional Catalana or ANC), a grass-roots, pro-independence civil organisation, and Òmnium Cultural, a non-profit association promoting Catalan language and culture, were both behind the mass independence demonstrations of 2012 (which saw a million people coming out on the streets of Barcelona) and 2013 (with 1.5 million people holding hands in a 600 km-long human chain). This September 11, they are back with a new proposal: to form a gigantic 'V' with hundreds of thousands of people uniting two main avenues in Barcelona. In this photo, we see a rehearsal carried out a few weeks ago in Barcelona's Gràcia neighbourhood to make adjustments to the choreography and timing of the mass demonstration scheduled for this year's National Day, or Diada. Once again, the everyday people of Catalonia will put pressure on their political representatives to move the process towards the November 9 referendum forward. Once again, the world will be able to see that the people of Catalonia want to vote on their future and that such a desire deserves victory.

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