The Eye

Sabadell, Nov 9, 2014 /

Photo: Oriol Duran

The older the stronger

This is Josefa Batalla, she is from Sabadell and she is 90 years old. One of the first to show up at the polling station on November 9, Josefa was thrilled at the opportunity —at last— of giving her opinion about the future of Catalonia. She was born a few years before the Spanish Civil War and she spent half of her life under Franco's fascist dictatorship.

In Scotland, voters over 65 years old were instrumental in the victory of the 'No' campaign. Analysts said they were afraid of changes to their pensions and benefits. In Catalonia, it is exactly the opposite. The older the voters, the stronger their feelings in favour of an independent Catalonia. They knew Franco and they saw their hopes vanish after his death. Now they don't want to leave this world without seeing a free Catalonia.

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