Putting English first

On November 10, Catalonia Today launched three new projects with El Punt Avui to provide original English content on television, in the newspapaper and on the Internet

More necessary than ever, English has become a universal language and indispensable for study, work, on the Net, in business and travel. The policy of establishing a third language is one of the great challenges of our time and El Punt Avui, along with the Catalonia Today team, are proud to of a pioneering media project: offering daily news, interviews and debates, all in the language that opens a portal to the world.

English Hour, daily on TV

Every day from 6-7 pm, El Punt Avui TV broadcasts a different programme in English including debates, interviews, story-telling and a series, for adults and children alike.

Two pages in English every day

El Punt Avui publishes two daily pages in English, including a summary of the day's main stories and opinion to give an overview of what is happening today in Catalonia.

New website

Our brand new website (www.cataloniatoday.cat) allows access to information online and latest news published in the monthly magazine, Presència and El Punt Avui.

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