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marcela topor

Politics to set the pace of change in 2015

The election agreement between CiU and ERC, together with civil bodies such as ANC and Òmnium, will without any doubt set the pace of the political agenda in the coming months.

In the plebiscite election set for September 27, Catalans will get the chance to decide whether to vote for candidatures in favour of independence. The autumn vote will put into practice what president Mas has always said is necessary: a binding referendum to show the will of the Catalan people on becoming a country independent from Spain.

Despite the rejection of the plebiscite elections in Catalonia by the Spanish government and its allies (Ciudadanos, PSC and part of the ICVEUiA), what matters most is the result of the vote. The aim of the sovereignty parties to gain a political majority of independence support means they must put their differences aside and work together to encourage as many people as possible to vote for independence on September 27. CiU and ERC will share a sovereignty road map as a guide towards independence. However, the first signs of any progress on sovereignty will be seen in the local elections on May 24.

In addition to an analysis of the political situation, we also have a full report on the winter sports industry in the Pyrenees, as well as a round-up of the arts and entertainment programme for 2015, not to mention all the latest on the English Hour on El Punt Avui TV. Stay tuned!

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