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Gaudys Galea

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Les Barcelonines was created by Gaudys Galea and Stefano Rossi. Their dolls, Les Barcelonines ( are hand-made, and represent the Catalan pubilla. Gaudys shows us round and gives us an insight to her life.

1. Passport: Leaving my home country was very important. I have lived in Barcelona for16 years and I have my family and my business here. The passport gives me the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures which nourishes my creativity.

2. My immediate family: My father was filled with love and we were so close. From my mother I get my craft and love of home and family. I am the youngest of five and I have something of all of them in me which makes me what I am.

3. My new family: After leaving my country, it just happened without warning; my two children. Santiago is 13 and Camila seven. They are my inspiration, my daily life. In fact, when people meet Camila they say the Barcelonines came out of her.

4. Bowl and beater: Sundays are sacred to us. We all gather to make breakfast, usually pancakes with maple syrup, fresh strawberries, butter and cream. We like to eat what we prepare ourselves.

5. My glasses are my eyes. Without them I can not begin to create my magic nor get the stitching right. Neatness of finishes give my products the quality demanded.

6. The fabrics: Without them the ideas I have would be impossible. The magic of a thousand colours and endless drawings of my imagination find their way to creation.

7. Scissors: A fundamental tool, they are beside me for many hours each day. My faithful companions.

8. Pins: The momentary connection between the fabric and the final seam, they represent the profession as a whole. They are for me as salt or knives are to cooking. No seamstress can ever be without pins.

9. My sewing machine: It's like the extension of my hands, creating each doll would just be impossible without this.

10. Running shoes: My escape. When I was very young I ran every day and now I have gone back to it as it's time to look after myself. I also do yoga. Now I dedicate my life to what I love: my work, my family and how I choose to live.

11.La Pubilla: Apart from being the star product of Barcelonines, it is a homage to the city which received me with open arms sixteen years ago. Through this doll my aim is to highlight what is really ours, the authenticity in Catalan culture.

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