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Pondering the rhythmic impulse in nature

An Ayurvedic Sutra says “Imagine you move in rhythm with the impulse of a conscious universe”. On my morning walk with Tilly the dog I translated this into an everyday meaning to wonder if I walked in the rhythm of the seasons?

I was certainly walking in the signs of the season. The beginning of spring was all around in the ploughed fields, the green tips of plants, budding dandelions in the meadows and yellow tips of broom. The rhythmic impulse in nature was there and, indeed, I did feel a part of that nature.

But what of the cities? They too have spring in intermittent sunshine, in green parks and blossoming roundabouts. The impulse of spring is less obvious, but it is there. As urban dwellers crowd the streets and gather at crossings, do they feel in rhythm with the impulse of the universe?

The Sutra, though ancient, asks us all it's universal questions. It is similar to Shakespeare, because his profundity of thought is also universal and has lasted down the ages for all people and all countries. Does this pondering lead to answers? Only perhaps that we would do well to keep in step with nature. It's in rhythm that we move comfortably and feel at home. What do you think?

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