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Bradley Ainsworth

Chef and entrepreneur

Bradley Ainsworth is a young Australian chef who has recently introduced Barcelona to the concept of gourmet hamburgers in his restaurants Bacoa and Kiosko. The recipe of his immediate success – both restaurants are always packed and he is about to open three more around the city– is using home-made and natural top-quality ingredients and imaginative recipes at an affordable price. Bradley showed us around the restaurant Kiosko and told us about the most important things in his life and career.

1. My wedding ring

because my marriage is the most important thing in my life. My wife and I set up the restaurants together.

2. A photo of my family in Spain

: I have family all over the world but I'm lucky to have such an amazing family here. I've lived in Barcelona for eight years but would love to spend half the time here and half in Australia.

3. My grandmother's recipe book

. She is responsible for getting me into cooking; my happiest childhood memories are cooking with her. It was my passion for cooking that brought me to Barcelona. I opened my own restaurants with the idea of giving another meaning to the concept of fast food. I take pride in food and I use only high-quality ingredients, such as the organic beef from Pirinat, a Pyrenees-based company that produces sustainable meat.

4. The little green figurine

is a surfer and represents my love of surfing. I grew up on the beach surfing, so waves are something I miss here from Australia. Australia is a very outdoors culture. Otherwise, Barcelona is the ideal place to live, and similar to Sydney in many ways.

5. This cup

is made from biodegradable corn waste. It is a symbol of my dream of creating a sustainable fast food restaurant chain, which Bacoa is on its way to becoming.

6. The drum sticks

are about my love of music and because I am learning the drums.

7. The granite mortar

and pestle represents my early days of professional cooking in Australia. It is used in Asia and Australia and is my favourite kitchen utensil.

8. The Banksia Cone

is from my favourite place on earth, Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia.It comes from a tree native to that part of the world.

9. My passport

because I am lucky enough to have travelled around to see other parts of the world, a luxury not everyone has.
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