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Ariadna Trias

Clothing and accessory designer

With a background in photography and after completing her art and design studies at the Massana school in 2007, Ariadna set up a small workshop in Barcelona's Sant Andreu district to create craft textiles, called Peanuts and Nuts. She makes t-shirts and clothing accessories, such as brooches, key chains, aprons, bags, books, children's clothes, and dance floor accessories, such as bags and dancing shoes.

Ariadna works with different types of materials, from cotton and felt to tulle and wool, using different prints and patterns to create her original pieces.

One of the important features of the workshop is her combination of different techniques, such as silkscreen and patchwork. Each piece is crafted individually, making each unique. Her workshop is filled with the tools of the silk-screen and sewing trade.

1. Screen.

The screen is one of the essential elements in screen printing. It is a wooden or metal frame to which is attached the screen or mesh.

2. The squeegee

is a tool used to push the ink through the screen. It consists of a wooden handle with a rubber blade.
3. Lacquer paint for textiles:
opaque ink used to print on certain fabrics.
4. Spatula.
Made with a rubber handle and a silicone head, it is used to put the paint on the screen.
5. Sewing machine.
Arguably the most indispensable tool in the whole workshop.
6. Cotton fabrics.
She uses fabrics with varied colours and patterns that are almost always 100% cotton. The quality of the material is very important in the final piece.
7. Felts.
Felt is commonly used to finish purses, bags and shirts. The felt is 100% wool.
8. Circular cutter and scissors.
Scissors are an indispensable tool in the workshop. The circular cutter is a special cutter used with fabric.
9. Cutting mat.
A sheet of PVC she uses to protect the table surface while cutting the fabric.
10. Textiles rulers.
These are graduated, non-slip acrylic rulers; a must when cutting fabric.
11. Shirts.
The shirts made in the workshop are 100% cotton with applied designs, either with silkscreening or combining different fabrics that are sewn into or onto the shirt.
12. Books.
The books from the workshop are made from 100% cotton and are silk-screen printed with motifs sewn onto them. They are designed especially for children.
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