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Sergi Cadenas was born in Girona in 1972. When he was 15 years old he started working in his father's workshop, and just five years later he was running it. Cadenas' artistic development has always been linked to the world of the artisan. He studied design and artistic ironmongery in the Gremi de Serrallers in Barcelona, and even though he is a skilled painter, he has never studied drawing and is entirely self-taught.

Nowadays, he is responsible for Ferros d'Art Cadenas, the family business, a well known company in Girona which has been around for almost three centuries. Since his predecessors moved there in the first half of the 19th century, the foundry has been an essential part of the cultural and architectural history of the city. Sergi's great-grandfather, Nonito, worked with the architect Rafel Masó, and his wrought-iron work can be seen in more than one of Masó's constructions.

Sergi has continued the family trade, and he is now a recognised artisan who is specialised in forging techniques. He also works and collaborates with different architects from Girona.

1. Perforated mould, used to shape measured iron rods.

2. Wooden-handled cutters with metal blades. Used in hammering out and refining the object.

3. Rounded iron tongs for gripping metals at high temperatures.

4. Ball peen, the ball is used to beat the metal and the flat end to smooth it out. a

5. Straight-peen sledge: it takes two people to get this off the ground and use it to beat the metal.

6. Flat precision hammer, This does what the bigger versions cannot do.

7. Flat tongs to grip smaller cuts and objects at elevated temperatures.

8. Anvil, the heart of any forge or smithy, its varied shape allows the metal to be beaten into different forms.

9. Metal shears, an extremely useful tool for cutting and preening finer metals down into the desired form.

10. Mineral carbon hearth and blacksmith's fire, the mineral carbon burns at a higher temperature than normal coal and makes the metal far more maleable with less effort.

11. Drop hammer, despite its size it is a mobile implement that when placed over an anvil exerts a great force to manipulate larger pieces of metal.

Ferros d'ArtCadenas - c/ Nou 5 Girona, 972202672

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