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Vinyes del Terrer
Vila-seca (Tarragona).

The Terrer estate has been a family concern for over a hundred years. The most recent link between the family and the vineyards began in 1989, when Joan Maria Morell decided to plant the first garnatxa and cabernet sauvignon varieties. The winegrowing operation continued until 2003, when Vinyes del Terrer produced the first bottles of Terrer d'Aubert, with its distinctive purity and special Mediterranean flavour.

Toni Sánchez-Ortiz, chemist and oenologist, and with plenty of experience in wine production, helped Joan Maria Morell, to put all of the firm's vineyards in order. As a result, Vinyes del Terrer today produces some 35.000 bottles a year of wine that combines tradition and modernity in high-tech facilities.

The company's wine production process is meticulous, with great care taken over the details, including harvesting the grapes by hand and a rigorous manual selection of the best grapes. The limited but high-quality production is also set up for a future producing organic wines.

Tours for individuals and groups with reservation.

Tel. 977 26 92 29

For lunch


Close to Tarragona cathedral, in the city's quaint old quarter, is to be found the AQ restaurant.

AQ is run by Ana and Quintín, who apart from being the owners are also the cook and maitre, respectively. The two first met in school, became friends and later a couple with children. Now they are also business partners. AQ is their bid to turn their appreciation for food into a restaurant based on simple but wholesome seasonal food, which gains its distinctiveness from a range of small details. The restaurant's tasting menu is perhaps the best way to get an overview of what AQ has to offer.

The large tasting menu is 50 euros , and made up of dishes featuring high quality produce in recipes that blend tradition with modern touches. The lesser tasting menu is 40 euros . AQ also has a weekly set menu for 18 euros, at lunchtimes from Tuesday to Friday, which offers fresh, tasty dishes suitable for a reasonable price.

The restaurant is split into three areas, which includes a private room for up to 18 diners. Meanwhile the restaurant's main room can be arranged to accommodate a group of up to 35 people, while the terrace, or interior patio, is an ideal place to eat in good weather.

977 215 954

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