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Lisandro Serra

Leather master craftsman

Gaucho Ninja's Argentinian great-grandfather was a saddler and a gaucho (the cattlemen of the South American pampas). Some of his great-grandfather's knowledge was passed down to him. His love for the smell and feel of leather seems to confirm the connection with his ancestor. Back in those day, things were highly-valued because they where made to last, and Gaucho Ninja tries to hold on to this feeling, this respect his ancestors had for things properly crafted. In fact, it is this respect for his ancestors that fuels the creative force that turns each piece into a masterpiece. All the items he makes are crafted using traditional tools and techniques.

1. A picture of his great-grandfather's. He was saddler, a person who made, dealt in, and repaired saddles and other leather equipment for horses.

2. Handbags. All the pieces are brand-stamped by hand, cold pressed or heat branded with the Gaucho/Ninja logo. All the elements on the bags are carefully handcrafted, such as the rivets, which are set individually by hand.

3. Bujinkan diploma. This is a traditional martial art from Japan that was practised by the Samurai.

4. Mate. A kind of beverage made from steeping dried leaves from the yerba mate.

5. Charango. . A musical instrument of Bolivian origin.

6. Ninja Tabi. Detailed sewing on tabi shoes made with Gaucho Ninja's 1895 Claes & Flentje's Patent Elastique sewing machine. All threads are knotted by hand and burnt, providing quality and durability.

7. Sporran. The traditional pouch that forms part of traditional Scottish Highland dress.

8. Steel round knife. A razor-sharp Damascus steel tool for cutting by hand the special full-grain bark tanned leather which is sourced from two remarkable fourth generation tanneries.

9. Leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is preferred. In fact, the full-grain tanned leather shows the story of the animal it came from: its wounds, battles and sorrows. In this way each hide is unique.

10. Belts. Finished with a natural resin from a tropical beetle, which provides a natural sealant.

11. Cowboy 4500. Sewing machine for leather.

The leather pieces are all treated with natural oils, beeswax and saps, providing it with full protection, elasticity and durability. It is just what leather needs.

Each product comes with a special treat: a tin of Gaucho Ninja's secret leather treatment, meant to condition high quality leather goods.

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