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Roger Romagosa

Wildwood Craftsman

Roger's home and studio are in Sant Marti Vell, among fields and forests, where his internal call to the wilderness guides him in exploring and enjoying the gifts of nature that have led him to start his “SlowFusta” project. He dedicates his time partly to his creations and also to holding workshops for those who want to enter the world of woodworking.

What he calls wildwood-working is a translation from German and is a concept a little difficult to define. The timber he uses is in its natural state and he is the only person who accompanies it on its voyage to the final product. Nothing he uses has been manipulated or “worked” beforehand. Wood is a simple and complex world as it never ceases being a tree. It is always different and this provides a lot of leeway. He likes keeping his mind organic, true to nature and reminds us that what comes from nature conveys beauty through simplicity.

1. Drawknife (in his hands): This tool is very useful for peeling and pruning the lower branches when they are green.

2. Thermos: A hot cup of tea is essential in the cold months and a good excuse to stop occasionally.

3. Japanese saw: One of the tools that is always present on the workbench. The handle is longer and the blade is more flexible and versatile than others.

4. Machete: Another versatile tool for the preparation of the branches.

5. Branches: One of the materials that I work with most alongside lumber and logs I find in the forest.

6. Bark and kindling: this piles up on the workshop floor after days of peeling branches. After cleaning up, it makes great firewood at home.

7.Wooden mallet: This was my first creation with wood and despite my inexperience it never ceases to amaze me that it is still in one piece.

8. Knife: my jack-of-all-trades for a million uses in the workshop and the forest.

9. Stool:  made from one piece cut from a fir trunk. One of my favourite pieces of furniture to make.

10. Scale: made from poplar branches, the scale is one of the things I teach others to make in  the workshops in the wild wood carpentry workshops I organise. I designed it myself.

11. Chainsaw: apart from hand tools I also use power tools; I use a chainsaw to fashion more sculptured pieces from trunks.

12. Fire: I work outdoors, so in winter a fire is very important.

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