Dalí finally faces Rafael in exhibition

The Dalí Foundation and the Prado Museum have finally made Dali’s dream to face Rafael Sanzio come true with an exhibition that places their work side by side. In his book 50 Secrets of Magic and Craftsmanship, Salvador Dalí stated that the painter’s apprentice would be able to tell that their painting had reached perfection when they could imagine it “in a prolonged revery, hanging in a museum next to one of your [their] preferred Raphaels “. This artist’s advice serves as a guide for the Dalí-Rafael exhibition, un somieig prolongat, that was opened yesterday at the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres with a discussion between the director of the Prado Museum, Miguel Falomir, who has lent Rafael’s Madonna of the Rose to the museum for the occasion; the painter Antonio López; the head of the Òscar Tusquets foundation, and the director of the Dalí Museums, Montse Aguer.

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