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APART in English returns with the Roca brothers at the helm

In recent years, especially since the internet became our main source of information, we have seen how English has exploded in importance. It is now common in places like Catalonia to see information that would once have only been available to locals published in English and therefore able to reach people everywhere. APART is a project that aims to do just that. Published by the Cuina food magazine, in collaboration with the Abacus bookshop cooperative, APART comes out every year, first in Catalan and Spanish, and later in English.

Last year saw APART’s debut, with celebrity chef Ferran Adriá as the invited editor. The English version of the second edition is due out at the end of January, with the Roca brothers, the celebrated chefs from the world famous El Celler de Can Roca restaurant, taking charge of editing this issue of the magazine.

With its stated aim of exploring the gastronomy of the future, the Roca brothers take APART magazine this year to Peru, Colombia, Turkey, Mexico and Scotland, to meet and talk to chefs and cooks, farmers and producers about their particular local food sectors and how the way we manage food can become a powerful lever for social and economic change while also making a contribution to preserving the environment and biodiversity.

As the Roca brothers point out in the editorial of the magazine, they wanted to travel to these destinations “to see how the many cuisines there can motivate us to learn and understand other cultural and gastronomic traditions and cultures.”

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