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Wine route through Priorat

In the morning:

Celler Mas Martinet (Porrera, Tarragona)

The Mas Martinet winery was created in 1981, a lifetime project, a dream come true and the result of the passion of winemaker Josep Lluis Pérez and his wife Montse Ovejero. These days, the whole family is involved in this sustainable winemaking project, which is committed to tradition, with a culture based on balance, sustainability and harmony with nature. The winery is also committed to recovering grape varieties, reinventing processes and materials under the precepts of agroecology, and minimal intervention but with maximum respect for the environment. The project is based on growing organic crops, being as respectful as possible with natural processes, and following the lunar calendar in order to make the most of the natural treatments that the Moon’s phases bring to the vineyards. These gestures are aimed at obtaining wines that are faithful to their terroir and are the result of searching for a balance with the agricultural system.

CLOS MARTINET. This wine comes from the plots of the Mas d’en Martinet estate, located in the vineyards of the village of Gratallops, using the varieties Grenache noir, Carignan, Hairy Grenache, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

ELS ESCURÇONS.This is an exclusively Garnatxa negra wine from the estate of the same name, in Gratallops, Serra Alta. The ferruginous licorice soil, the height of 601 metres and the south-southwest exposure of the vines give it a unique personality.

PESSEROLES BRISA. Planted in 2002, this wine is made with traditional Priorat varieties such as Picapoll blanc, Pedro Ximenez and Garnatxa blanca. The crumbly licorice soil of the vineyards makes it a wine with great structure.

Guided visits for groups and individuals.

Tel: 977279187

For lunch:
La Cassola (Gratallops, Tarragona)

La Cassola del Priorat is a hotel and restaurant in the heart of Priorat. The venue offers traditional Catalan cuisine, such as escudella and carn d’olla, baked cod, snails, salads from the garden, melon with ham and grilled meat...

They also have an extensive wine list, with the majority of local wines from the Priorat region. Their desserts, such as homemade ice creams, coulants and refreshing truffles with cream are also a must.

Tel: 616 31 93 45

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