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In the morning:

Torelló (Gelida)

The oldest document in the family history dates back to June 1395. Over the centuries, the family surname has changed as a result of successive marriages until arriving at the current one, Torelló, which corresponds to the 22nd and 23rd generation, the family that today owns the business. They work the vineyards according to ecological viticulture, seeking to increase the biodiversity in and around the vineyard.

In the winery’s cellars, which take up 5,500 square metres of underground passages, some two million bottles rest in the dark and at a controlled temperature. Torelló only makes long-aged sparkling wines, white, rosé and red DO Penedès wines, extra virgin olive oil and Corpinnat sparkling wines. The sparkling wines made with grapes from their own Can Martí organic farm are aged for a minimum of 18 months and up to 10 years in some cases.

The doors of the Torelló winery are open to all visitors wishing to learn more about the history of the family, the vineyards and the winery itself. There are three types of arranged visits, always in small groups and completely personalised: Traditional visit, Tasting Masia visit and Brunch Can Martí.

Tel: 93 891 07 93

For lunch:
La Barbequiu Torelló (Gelida)

The outdoor restaurant is located on the Can Martí estate, amid vineyards and next to the medieval farmhouse of the Torelló family.

Barbequiú Torelló boasts a large terrace where visitors to the winery can enjoy a succulent barbecue set menu made with a gourmet touch, which is accompanied by DO Penedès wines as well as long-aged Corpinnat sparkling wines from the winery itself.

The experience begins with a visit to the family farmhouse and the underground cellars, where the history of Torelló and the process of making Corpinnat wines and other sparkling wines are explained into detail. At the end, visitors can go on to enjoy a barbecue menu in the purest Torelló style at the Barbequiú area.

There are four barbecues scheduled for the month of May, and another four programmed for next October. If you want to live a Barbequiú Torelló experience, book already, as the tables are very limited (not recommended for children under 14 years of age).

Tel: 93 891 07 93

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