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Wine route through Penedès

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Cava Berdié
Castellví de la Marca

Cava Berdié is a wine and cava producer located amid the lush vineyards of Penedès. Each taste of Berdié wine and cava contains the special aromas of the local landscape as well as bearing the influence of the nearby Mediterranean.

Berdié is a family firm run by the three Jovani siblings: Montsa, Robert and Sergi, who manage the company's various department under the watchful eye of oenologist, Pere Campos. The cellar offers visitors an outdoor 'chill out' terrace and a wine bar inside, where the firm's wines and cavas can be tasted. The Wine Bar also has a shop selling the company's wines and cavas as well as local produce and wine-related food products, such as oil, jam, honey and so on.

The cellar's main activity for visitors consists of a guided tour that includes tastings of three different cavas. It begins with Montsa welcoming the visitors and explaining the cellar's history. Montsa also introduces the sibling management team and explains that the main aim of the company is to blend traditional winemaking methods with modern oenological techniques to produce new sensations. The visitors are then shown around the facilities and get a chance to see the winemaking process firsthand. At different moments of the tour, the visitors get to taste some of the company's products and at the same time are given an introduction to the art of wine matching.

Tel.902 800 229

For lunch

Cava Berdié


Castellví de la Marca

Cava Berdié also has its own restaurant that serves lunch with, on good days, the beautiful sight of the vineyards as a backdrop. Lunch is available every weekend and on public holidays and is also a service offered to members of the Club de Cava Berdié.

These special club lunches, referred to as Els dinars del Sergi, are served on the company's renovated Terrassa del Celler, during the summer months in the open air. If the weather does not permit outdoor dining, however, lunch is served in the Wine Bar Berdié.

The menu for Els dinars del Sergi are constantly changing according to the season and the local produce available. The menu for Els dinars del Sergi can include traditional or avant-garde Catalan dishes..

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