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Fool Me Once Author: Harlan Coben Publisher: Century Pages: 387/ Price: 16 euros
In this recent novel, US mystery writer Harlan Coben once again shows himself to be a master of suspense. The story follows on from an incident in which combat veteran Maya Burkett sees a disturbing image when checking footage from her security camera. Not knowing who to trust, the tale of intrigue unfolds as Maya tries to come to terms with the things she has seen.
The Obsession Author: Nora Roberts Publisher: Berkley Pages: 464 / Price: 18 euros
A harrowingly dark tale of how people have the ability to overcome even the most traumatic events in their lives, 'The Obsession' recounts the story of Naomi Bowes. Haunted by childhood memories of the terrible acts committed by her father, the heroine of the piece is an incredibly well written character forced by the events in her life to face up to, and attempt to deal with, her past.
Thinking Fast and Slow (Non- Fiction) Author: Daniel Kahneman Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux Pages: 512 Price: 15 euros
In this international bestseller, the renowned psychologist and Nobel prize winner describes and illuminates the way we make decisions. He discusses our quick and emotive decisions and our more calculated processes. As he does so, we discover a lot about ourselves and learn to look past our intuitions and benefit from our more rational minds.
The White Tiger Author: Aravind Adiga Publisher: Free Press Pages: 275 / Price: 16 euros
A Booker Prize winner in 2008, this novel recounts the story of Balram Halwei, from his low caste origins in the darkness to self-made entrepreneur. As we learn about our protagonist's journey, we are provided with a vivid and disturbing glimpse into the Indian caste system and village life. Both mysterious and captivating by turns, 'The White Tiger' quickly became a personal favourite.
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