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When Hitler took cocaine and Lenin lost his brain Author: Giles Milton Publisher: Picador Pages: 255/ Price: 18 euros
History fans will love thiscollection of non-fiction stories. Giles Milton describes less well-known events, including the tale of a man who survived the atomic bombs. This book will keep readers entertained.
The Humans Author: Matt Haig Publisher: Canongate Pages: 305/ Price: 13.75euros
When Andrew Martin goes through a sudden change, his friends are suspicious, but put it down to eccentricity. Yet, the change has a profound cause. Fans of 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time' will enjoy this warm and eird novel.
The Vegetarian Author: Han Kang Publisher: Portobello Pages: 181/ Price: 14.75 euros
Written in Korean and translated into English, 'The Vegetarian' is a strange novel that is sure to be one of the year's celebrated books. Taking place over three acts, it is sensual, violent and disturbing. It is a must for anyone with a taste for the surreal.
Walter the Farting Dog (Children's book) Author: W. Kotzwinkle & G. Murray Publisher: Frog Books Pages: 20/ Price: 9.25 euros
'Walter the Farting Dog' deserves to be a kid's classic. The title is a good indication of the content, which is a silly yet moving tale about an imperfect friend. Great illustrations accompany the story. Great for kids of all ages!
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