Catalans Abroad

Rafel Hidalgo. marcela topor.

Living alongside history

Why did you leave Catalonia?I left Barcelona 37 years ago because I got tired of the rarefied linguistic atmosphere in Barcelona. Back then I was working in the Hogar del Libro bookshop on Carrer Bergara,...

Xavier Cusidó Oliete

A northern paradise

Why did you leave Catalonia?I’ve always been an adventurer. Meeting new people, living in new places and the challenge of starting from scratch always attracted me. I started getting a taste for freedom...

Juan José Ruiz Gómez
He works as a lawyer in Norway

In the far North

juan josé rugoz is from El Papiol, Baix Llobregat. He works as a lawyer in Norway, as he did in Catalonia. He is a founding members and president of the Casal Català in Tromsø

Quim Miró
He is in charge of www.

Living a balanced life

Why did you leave Catalonia?I had never thought that I would ever go to live abroad, I had never even considered it. But my partner – who is a scientist – had a good job opportunity to continue growing...

Bibiana Mas

A land of cold beauty

Why did you leave Catalonia?I have always been a curious person, and getting to know other realities enriches my soul. It was a family decision. We had just been through an economic crisis and the desire...

Anna N. Schlegel

“Opportunities do exist, but it’s hard to make it”

Born in Olot and now resident in California, Anna N. Schlegel is the vice president of data storage company NetApp and was named one of the most influential women in technology in 2020 by Analytics Insight magazine

Anna Schlegel
Vice president of the leading data storage company NetAp

The land of opportunity

Why did you leave Catalonia?I left Catalonia not knowing that I would stay in the States for more than a year or two. In that sense, I was not leaving Catalonia. I did not know I was. It was an adventure...

Ester Gea
Ester has a PhD in Virology

Life in a fairytale city

Why did you leave Catalonia?I’ve left Catalonia three times in the past 12 years, all of them career related. The first was to study abroad, the second because I found better opportunities and conditions...

Pere Grau i Rovira

A second homeland

Why did you leave Catalonia?It was during Franco’s dictatorship. Because of my personal ambitions – all related to Catalan culture – the difficulties imposed by the regime were becoming increasingly...

Anna Mallorquí Quintana

Open and international

Why did you leave Catalonia?I left for Germany in October, 1999. It was a personal decision, to make a new life for my family, my three daughters and my German partner. Although I’m a doctor by vocation,...