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In military jargon, D-Day can be any targeted day. But the one that was destined to be the D-Day for the rest of history was June 6, 1944. That day, shortly after dawn on a cloudy and windy morning, the...

The future looks bright

The presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, analyses the situation at Catalonia’s leading clubs as a new year begins

Water leads the way through Banyoles

The Girona city is well known for its huge lake but it also boasts 33 kilometres of irrigation canals that guide the visitor through hundreds of years of local history

Rewilding the Pyrenees

Here’s a book about nature that is neither an impassioned rant nor a lecture. Instead, over a period of years, Steve Cracknell spoke directly to the horses’ mouths and with great empathy and balance,...

One treaty, two standards

To deal with the severe economic downturn resulting from the financial crisis of 2007, and exacerbated by the Covid pandemic of 2020, the European Council approved a large package of funds to be distributed...

The game of platforms

The positioning war between the main streaming platforms has turned into a battle to retain viewers



A new year begins and, we can only hope, the beginning of the end of the horrendous pandemic that has been - quite literally - plaguing us for almost two years. We are all aware of the suffering caused...


Millions of people are now playing it. Plenty are as desperate and traumatised as the competitors in The Squid Game, but if you live in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat or Santa Coloma or Sant Roc or La Mina...


1992 was a watershed year in Spain. After 15 years of reforms (democratic transition, European integration, a modern welfare state…), the New Spain celebrated its transformation through four – yes,...

Time to relocate

A lack of raw materials and high transport costs are revealing the dangers of depending so much on Asia; it is time for governments to consider what, beyond microchips, needs to be produced on a local level