Dolors Feliu
President of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC)

“It has to be shown that the dialogue with the state is fake’”

Catalonia’s largest civic organisation in favour of independence has a new leader. Here Dolors Feliu talks about the challenge of making the results of the 2017 referendum effective

Fearless adventures at Sónar festival

From June 16 to 18 such international acts as The Chemical Brothers, Moderat and The Blaze to headline on the return of the summer festival of music, creativity and technology

Turner shines at MNAC

Catalonia’s national art gallery is exhibiting a hundred finished and unfinished works by the great master of romantic landscapes that he bequeathed to the British government and kept in the Tate Gallery in London

Submerged memory

The waters of the sea and rivers guard a rich cultural heritage in the form of wrecks and remains that allow us to see into the lives of our forebears, as can be seen in a new exhibition at Catalonia’s Museum of Archaeology

Made in Catalonia

Palau Robert in Barcelona hosts ‘Nova pantalla. El videojoc a Catalunya’, the first major exhibition dedicated entirely to the growing domestic video game industry

More low-emission zones in Catalonia

From 2025, over 60 Catalan municipalities with over 20,000 inhabitants are committed to reducing pollution with areas that restrict traffic

Electric vehicles accelerating

The vehicle manufacturing industry is currently undergoing a severe and radical transformation in a sustained bid to bring an end to selling cars and vans powered by petrol, diesel and gas engines throughout the European Union by 2035

The challenges of biometrics

Biometrics includes all the systems that allow identifying a person based on their body shape or their voice or even the way they walk or smell, although the latter are not yet as widespread as the former....

Who wants our data?

It’s happened to just about all of us – we’ve gone to a travel website and then been bombarded with an avalanche of ads related to the destinations we looked up. It’s the same with products we’ve...

Personal data

When we click “OK” or “Accept” while browsing the internet or downloading a mobile app, we must be aware that we are providing someone with sensitive information about ourselves that we have the right to control