Marion Harper with Barney Griffiths on El Punt Avui TV.

Hitting the high notes

Let's start talking about your background. You were born in Montevideo, in Uruguay.My mum is Uruguayan and my dad is English. My dad is a ship's captain and they met in Uruguay.You left Uruguay when you...

Lagercrantz is author of the fourth installment of the Millenium saga. /  J. LOSADA

Following in the footsteps of genius

Swedish writer David Lagercrantz was chosen by the Nostedts publishing company to continue Steig Larsson's Millennium saga with a fourth instalment

Toni Garcia talking to Neil Stokes on El Punt Avui TV. /  ARCHIVE

Making the most of reality

What does a creative director do exactly?Making an animated TV show needs lots of people to work on it, so we have a big team. My role is to find the right people for each new show and then to supervise...

Ramon Caus, expert driver, businessman and organiser of the Expoelèctric trade fair dedicated to vehicles that use alternative energy sources. /  ARCHIVE

'Dieselgate could encourage their use'

Ramon Caus (Barcelona, 1977) is passionate about four wheels, as can be seen from his career as a karting racing driver (39 victories, 57 podiums and Spanish champion in 1995). He is also an expert in...

Vicent Partal talking to Neil Stokes on El Punt Avui TV. /  ARCHIVE

'The best time for journalism'

What is Vilaweb?Vilaweb is a newspaper. We say it is a newspaper because our interest is not technology, it is journalism.How did it start?It's a crazy story. When we started, Google did not exist, Yahoo...

Brett Hetherington with Nicole Millar on El Punt Avui TV

The most important of jobs

Where are you from?Australia, but I've lived here for over eight years.What made you decide to settle here?Getting work was the big thing. We chose Spain as our main target in Europe. I love Catalonia...

Markaris on Girona's iron bridge when visited the city recently.  Q.P

Crime novels: the best social criticism

The creator of inspector Kostas Jaritos and scriptwriter for filmmaker Theo Angelopolous received the Liberpress Literature Award 2015 in Girona last month

Alex Salmond talking during the interview in the Scottish parliament building designed by Catalan Enric Miralles.  ARCHIVE

'Catalonia will get the right to decide'

A year after the Scottish referendum, the former SNP leader reflects on the Catalan independence process

Rachel Hurd-Wood during the interview on El Punt Avui TV

The mother of humanity

What is your connection with Catalonia?I first came here on holiday when I was 15, and then I came to Girona to film Perfume, 10 years ago. I love it here.Now you're back for the film Segon origen, directed...

Dominique Heathcote with Nicole Millar on EL PUNT AVUI TV

The perfect recipe

You have lived in Catalonia the majority of your life, longer than you have lived anywhere else. How many years have you been here?I think about 40 something years, I am 50, so yes, a little over 40 years.What...