Neil talking to Bernat Dedéu on English Hour.  Arxiu

Asking the right questions

How would you describe yourself?I'm a philosopher and I also play music. I play classical guitar. I'm a writer, too. Basically I write a blog every day and also teach International Relations at the Blanquerna...

Vinton Cerf at the La Salle engineering school in Barcelona.  JOSEP LOSADA

'The internet grows100% every year'

The inventor of network protocols was in Barcelona to receive an honorary degree from the Ramon Llull university

Marcos Mandojana and Marcela Topor on El Punt Avui TV
Marcos Mandojana
US Consul General in Barcelona

Friends and allies

Established 218 years ago, the US consulate in Barcelona has long been at the centre of bilateral relations

Javier Martín-Vide explains a point during the interview in the Geography and History faculty of Barcelona University.  ORIOL DURAN
Javier Martín-Vide
Climate change expert

Late but still time to act

Professor and head of the UB's water research institute, he is one of Catalonia's main climate change experts

Neil talking to Dr Cambras on El Punt Avui Televisió
Dr.Trinitat Cambras
UB Physiology professor

High time for a change?

What is the campaign for timetable reform?The main goal is to change society's schedules as a basis for achieving a healthier life and increase the feeling of wellbeing. It is an ambitious objective but...

David Simon was in Barcelona to attend the Serielizados TV series festival last month.  EFE

'I try to land on society's fault lines'

The man behind such popular shows as The Wire and Treme defines his TV work and explains the thinking behind his upcoming new series, The Deuce

Ramon Térmens during the interview on El Punt Avui TV.

Redemption from evil

You've just released the film, The Evil that Men Do, shot in English.Yes, it's my first film in English. It happens at the border between Mexico and the US, we shot in Martorelles, a small village near...

Joan Sallent reading Frank Kermode's book, Shakespeare's Language.  J. L

Making sense of the Bard

Joan Sallent specialises in translating Shakespeare for Catalan productions of the famous playwright's work

Ferran Barenblit with Barney Griffiths on El Punt Avui TV. /

A place in the world of art

What's the story behind your surname?I was born in Buenos Aires, and moved here in 1977 when I was eight. When I was a teenager I translated my name into Catalan, one of the reasons was that when people...

Neil talking to writer Jordi Puntí on El Punt Avui Televisió /

Between form and plot

How does moving around a lot affect your work?When I change my horizons and my landscape is new, something new comes from it. I have writer friends who need to follow the same rules every day, but that...