Begoña Román
Chair of the Ethical Committee of Social Services in Catalonia

“AI is made so that you like it”

Does the difference between types of intelligence lie in emotion?Exactly. People think about robots. Yet, most AI has nothing to do with robots. It’s artificial intelligence we use to delegate tasks...

David Bagué i Soler

Thinking with the hands

interview Skill, patience, intelligence, sensitivity, tacit understanding and artistic sensibilities all come together in a Bohemian house in Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood. David Bagué i Soler greets...

David Bañeres
Membre of SOM Research Lab at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Introducing the smart tutor

What advantages will a smart tutor give students?One of the challenges we face at the UOC as a virtual university is providing students with the most personalised support possible. In universities in which...

Helena Bagué
Singer of El Pot Petit band

’Family concert audiences keep on growing’

When she goes up the stage, the singer and actor, Helena Bagué, becomes Jana d’El Pot Petit, one of the most popular bands of the new children’s cançó, or, better, family cançó in Catalonia and...

Patrycia Centeno

Patrycia CENTENO

Journalist Patrycia Centeno (La Coruña, 1983) has been a pioneer in analysing the role of non-verbal communication in politics. She has just published Sin decir ni mu

Francesc Grau
Digital consultant

“Kids need monitoring on the Internet”

An expert in social media and communication and digital management, Grau says leaving children to use tablets and mobiles without supervision is as dangerous as letting them wander around the streets by themselves

Joe Brew
An active participant in the online debate concerning Catalonia’s political conflict


An active participant in the online debate concerning Catalonia’s political conflict, Brew uses the skills and tools of data science to get to the objective truth of the debate

Montse Vellvehí
Director of the Institut del Teatre

Art has to be uncomfortable

The actor and cultural manager from Mataró, Montse Vellvehí, is the director of the Institut del Teatre’s Advanced School of Dramatic Arts (which teaches performance, stage design, directing and play-writing)....

Joan Alemany i Royo
Musician and Business graduate

“Without an Erasmus exchange I wouldn’t be here as a winner”

Joan Alemany i Royo, 23 from Girona, is one of two winners of the international Tour The World competition organised by the multinational tour operator Tour Radar. He will now travel to perform on five...

Christian Escribà
Pastry artist

CHOCOLATE is like wine

The imagination has no limits. About to turn 57 years of age, Christian Escribà retains the innocent but mischievous look of a child who does not want to grow up. He is the Peter Pan of Catalan pastry making