Fabian Mohedano
Promoter of timetable reform

We need to have dinner at 8pm

The movement to put our anachronistic and singular system of timetabling behind us and bring the country into line with our neighbours is gaining momentum

Sergi Lopez
Actor from Vilanova i la Geltrú


The veteran actor from Vilanova i la Geltrú talks about some of his new projects, compares the Catalan and French film industries, and comments on the political consequences for the Catalan culture sector


Lentils are as healthy as quinoa

Nutritionist Doctor Montse Folch has written 10 books promoting nutrition, diet and healthy eating. Among them is La dieta dels colors, which came out of her work with the Divendres programme on TV3 ....

Jordi Barri

‘Some people are flexitarians without even knowing it‘

The Barri family first opened a vegetarian restaurant in Lleida in 1979. The Teresa Carles group now has six restaurants offering healthy eating options and has more plans to expand in the near future.What...

Oriol Estela
General Coordinator of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan for Barcelona

‘Coordination and cooperation are the key’

Oriol Estela is the man in charge of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan for Barcelona, run by a private association that coordinates various platforms in the territory to face the challenges of the future....

Shante Evans
Basketball player

‘Basketball is my whole world’

How do you feel about this season with the team?The season’s been good. We got to the quarter finals of the EuroCup, and right now we’re getting ready for the playoffs. But, so far, it’s been a great...

Jordi Roca
Best pastry chef in the world (2014)

‘Everything is there to be discovered‘

You are the subject of an episode of the latest season of the Netflix show ‘Chef’s Table’, which is devoted to pastry chefs.Desserts are that sweet part of the meal that is hard to say whether it...

From beast of burden to national symbol

Once used as an everyday working animal on farms, the Catalan donkey is now recognised as a highly intelligent animal and has survived thanks to companies offering family activities and games in the countryside

Erhan Türkoglu

In the pursuit of liquid gold

You are originally from Istanbul, tell me about it. Istanbul is a really nice city. I was born there and lived there until I graduated as an engineer. Right after graduating I moved to Germany. It sounds...

Albert Bosch.
Adventurer, entrepreneur and writer

’Do what you want, but do it’

You’re here today to share with us your experiences as an adventurer. One of your greatest achievements was crossing Antarctica in 2012. How did your passion for the extreme start?I started because I...