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Morale is high

Two young Ukrainians reflect on the difficult times their country is enduring. One is in Kyiv and the other in Barcelona, but both are convinced that Ukraine can emerge victorious from this conflict

4,000 kilometres of solidarity

A humanitarian convoy of 16 vans returned to Catalonia from Romania with some 70 Ukrainian refugees


Fighting the good fight

US World War II veteran Major Dick Winters is widely attributed with the quote: “Wars do not make men great, but they do bring out the greatness in good men.” Even if you’re lucky enough not to have...

Total war

Russia’s military offensive against its neighbour continues with attacks underway against the capital Kyiv and the main Ukrainian cities. As Russia intensifies the bombings, Zelensky condemns the deaths of over 2,000 civilians

Tono Folguera

“This film will mark the history of this country”

Agustí Villaronga, Clara Roquet and other filmmakers and actors nominated for 2022 Gaudí Awards were busy congratulating Folguera for his success in the Berlinale film festival before this interview...

Dangerous therapy

TV Series The precedent for the collaboration between Nicole Kidman and producer David E. Kelley in the addictive Big Little Lies set the bar very high, but fans who might be hoping for a similar result...


When I think of Catalonia what immediately comes to mind is the word ‘home’. I see the wide view across rows of vineyards, the mountains of the Penedès in the distance, the tops of Montserrat further...


The famous phrase from James Carville to George H W Bush in 1992 could apply to the needs of Catalonia today. Catalonia is considered a relatively rich community. At the same time, it is estimated that...

“War! Japan attacks U.S.”

The Second World War became truly global when Japanese war planes attacked the US naval base in Hawaii, at Pearl Harbour, the strongest American base in the Pacific, on Sunday December 7, 1941. Many isolationist...

Anguish and religion

The American writer, director and producer Mike Flanagan has become the guru of Netflix horror series, with three consecutive products which have all received very good reviews. The Haunting of Hill House,...