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Temps de Flors, 2018

Photo: manel lladó

Girona’s time for flowers

Girona is known as the ’city of festivals’, and without doubt one of the most popular ones held there is Temps de Flors. Every year in the second half of May, the city gets dressed up for the occasion with a host of floral displays that festoon the old quarter and local neighbourhoods. The best way to discover the various floral installations is to follow the Temps de Flors festival map, a route that guides visitors to courtyards and gardens of private homes in the old quarter and buildings of great cultural interest not open to the general public during the rest of the year. There are plenty of places the visitor should not miss, but the Cathedral, the Sant Lluc, Sant Feliu, Sant Marti churches, and the Arab Baths are the main highlights. The flower festival takes place at the same time as the International Festival of A Capella Music, so you will also have a chance to hear great music in the city while visiting the flower installations, as well as enjoying dishes made with flowers, offered by local restaurants as part of the Gastroflors festival. The 64th edition of Temps de Flors takes place this year from May 11-20.

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