ECClub reading group books

From South Africa to Barcelona

An internationally know harpist lends her skills to the ECClub reading groups

Where are you originally from and where do you live now?

I am originally from South Africa and I have live in Europe for the past 14 years, and in Catalonia almost 12 years. My parents encouraged culture.

What work do you do apart from the ECClub?

I am a musician, I play harp professionally and am a teacher of harp and piano. Apart from my family, I am passions are performing and teaching on my different harps and arranging folk music from around the world for harp. I also enjoy reading, creative writing and nature.

What kind of books do your members prefer to read?

The books of the advanced group I think are too difficult for them. The intermediate group like their books a lot.

Which books did you like the most last year?

I liked the books by Matthew Quick, Sue Townsend and Donna Leon the most, but I enjoyed all of them.

What's the best thing about being an ECClub group leader?

Meeting new people and the interaction we have about the books.

Have you written any book?

I have written a short story that was published in “Writers Abroad” called “Dancer on the Train”. At the moment am busy with a Folk Music book for harp and piano.

What about your music and concerts?

In May I have three solo harp concerts in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, for the Rio Harp Festival in Rio de Janeiro. I'm happy to have concerts there. Recently I developed an interest in arranging traditional music for the harp. Latest interests are Celtic, South African, South America, Catalan and Spanish music. I had five harps, two Celtic, Austrian Folk and two concert Harps.

As for concerts, I like to perform using one or a combination of my harps, which in combination with my diverse collection of music demonstrates all the different colours of the sounds of the harps. I have arranged more traditional music from all over the world for harp, given three concerts, taught, given flute and harp recitals together with Iulian Gogu, flautist, and I have a new CD out, which is music ranging from Baroque to Blues, called The Magic of the Harp.

How about your Catalan?

Oops! People told me I should know Castellano well first, so that was what I studied first. Maybe in a year or two, I will be ready to start with Catalan!

Do you miss South Africa?

Yes, I will always miss it. Except for my mother, we all live in different countries now, spread all over the world.

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