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Never too late

I haven't been able to get to the coast this summer so it was marvellous to be sitting reading on a second-floor back-balcony of the Hotel Spa Empuries while my intrepid daughter was braving the cold choppy waters of a November sea. I had two books I'd been eagerly waiting to read: '1599 A Year in the Life of Shakespeare', and 'The Buddha, Geoff and Me'. As I opened the lighter of the two, I noted idly that on the terrace outside three young men were apparently making a 'green roof' digging up all the rough grass from last year. We exchanged “Bon dies” and I began reading. Looking up some time later, I was surprised to see that they were planting rows and rows of tiny plants from pots. “Odd”, I thought, “why aren't they sprinkling grass-seed?” I went back to my book.

My daughter returned, elated, but shivering. She disappeared inside for a hot shower. I couldn't continue reading without knowing what the men were planting. Their supervisor came to join them and I asked her over the railings: “Why no grass-seed?” She smiled and explained that some 'green roofs' need plants (and these plants were originally from South Africa) requiring little water or maintenance; ideal for hotels in the long winter months with reduced numbers of staff. I rejoiced inwardly in this added knowledge and thought how a pause of three tranquil days' holiday could lead to such enjoyment.

As the gardener in charge left, she was busily texting, and another different thought struck me. People thought that mobiles would be the end of writing but, in fact, with texting people write more than they ever did!

Back to reading, I reflected that the poet, W.H. Davies, was right when he said,

'What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare'

I had had time!

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