Gut feeling

Where are you from?
I am from here and there. Both my parents are Welsh, but I never lived there. They left Wales when they were young. I was born in Nottingham and lived in London. Then we lived in Wiltshire from when I was three until 11. My dad's job then took us to France, so I lived in Paris for all of my teenage years.
That's a big change?
Yes it really was. Especially as in Wiltshire we were living in a very small village and then we went from that to a big city.
Did you like Paris?
I loved it, adored it. It is a beautiful city. Admittedly my schooling was in English. I went to a British School there.
You speak French though?
Yes, I was there from eleven and you pick it up like a sponge!
Why did your parents put you into an English School?
I am not 100% sure but I don't think they knew how long they were going to be there. It was a very international school, I met a lot of people from all over the world. Then when I was 18 I went back to the UK for university. I studied French and Spanish at university in Southampton and met my husband Dave. We came here to teach English and 20 years on we are still here!
Where do you live now?
We were in Barcelona for 10 years, then Sant Cugat and we now live in Piera.
What made you stay?
People are friendly, we have lots of friends here, both Catalan and non-Catalan. The climate is fabulous! When our son was born –he's 18 now– that settled it. He went to school in Sant Cugat when he was three.
You are here to talk about TNDR, what is that?
It's a Spanish acronym that stands for Tecnica Naturista Desbloqueante y Regeneradora. A natural therapy, as it only uses special gloves and organic oil.
Special gloves?
There are two reasons for them: hygiene and so I can feel the blockages. It is basically an unblocking technique.
What are you unblocking?
It is a technique that goes to the heart of life. The energy. Life is pure energy. All humans tend to have energy blockages and these blockages grow and grow. Imagine a blocked pipe at home. When the small block starts, you don't notice, but once it gets to the point where the water won't flow that is when I come in and I can feel it. The patient doesn't necessarily feel any discomfort or pain but I can find it, which is what is great about this technique as it is preventative and curative. People come to me once a month or every few weeks just to prevent any blockages.
Are they muscle blockages?
Muscles, organs, basically anywhere in the body. There are very few places in the body I can't touch; the spine is one.
So this is a Spanish technique, and a new one?
Yes, the doctor who created it is Spanish. But there are similar techniques. His name is Dr Cayo Martin, from Bilbao. The great thing about TNDR is that it is very quick. In the sense that it tends to work very quickly. So from the first session the blockages are cleared or clearing.
Do you treat the whole body each session?
TNDR treats three spheres of the body. The head, the chest and belly. The arms are part of the chest and the legs part of the belly. The head is for ideas and thoughts. The chest is feeling, and the belly is generating life. Interestingly 90% of pathologies come from the gut. Even a migraine usually has a line that leads straight down to the gut.
Why the gut?
A lot of doctors now say it is like the second brain. And because of the way we eat and pollution, even organic food isn't always totally clean. Lack of exercise. All sorts of reasons.
How did you find TNDR?
I was a patient! There are about five practitioners in the tiny village of Piera and I was in a shop one day and the lady wanted to do an exchange. I taught her English and she gave me treatment in return. I had a problem with my back from a very early age. I had seen many people about it and nothing worked. Within about four sessions I noticed a difference. My back had been a problem for so many years that it took her almost a year to heal it. But it is done. The training courses had previously been in Bilbao, but then there was enough demand for them to come to Barcelona so I then decided to train as a practitioner.
How long is a session?
About an hour. I add Reiki at the end of the session, too. The two treatments go well together.
Do you treat children?
It works beautifully on children. We typically see babies for colic, a stomach blockage.
How do you feel after a session?
You feel great! I have a session once a week now.
More Information:
Sharon Gunning On Friday afternoons on El Punt Avui TV, Nicole chats with an English-speaking expat. For this month's interview she spoke to TNDR therapist, Sharon Gunning.
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