Now it's our turn to laugh

It will be beyond funny if the future is in the hands of the minority parties

Make some popcorn and take a seat, this promises to be spectacular. After so much talk about how Catalonia is ungovernable and no end of laughter at how after three months since the election Catalonia still has no government. Well, now it seems the boot is on the other foot. On December 20, there was more than one in Spain who did not get a good night's sleep. Not just because the two-party monopoly is over, but the Spanish political scene devolved into a mish-mash and will never be the same again.

So now it seems as if it is Spain that is ungovernable. Rajoy's fall from grace was spectacular, and the fact that his party got more votes than any other means nothing. The reason is that his crutch, the prefab right-of-centre party that is Ciutadans, did not live up to expectations and cannot give him is absolute majority back. In fact, it was all a bluff and Ciutadans came nowhere near, so that it is now as much in the hands of PSOE and Podem as PP and Ciutadans. A glance at the results makes this obvious, but it will be beyond funny if it turns out that the future is in the hands of the minority parties, such as ERC, DL, IU, PNB... in fact all the parties that Rajoy has mistreated in the past four years.

Now it is we, Mariano, who are laughing. I hope you had a good Christmas because now it is about recovering something from the chaos, with some suggesting a PP-PSOE alliance as the only way of saving Spain from the Catalans and their right to decide. We will have our laugh, and even more so where the Senate is concerned. And if Catalonia can take advantage we will split our sides. If we can get an agreement on investing a president and a government now that the general election is over, we can spend the rest of January looking on as Spain proves ungovernable. Meanwhile, if Podem becomes key to any political solution, there is the referendum its leader has pledged.

So get your popcorn and make yourself comfortable. You, me and Duran i Lleida.

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