tribune. pere miret

To reform the regional funding system

After three years of having ignored the review of the regional financing system, in breach of the law itself, the Spanish government has now put it on the table. The funding of the Catalan government interests...

random thoughts. Terry Parris

Their gentle voices calling

I woke in the night with the words of the Negro Spiritual ringing in my ears:“I'm coming, I'm comingThough my head is bending lowI hear their gentle voices callingPoor Old Joe”It took me a moment to...

viewpoint. Brett hetherington

The dangers of the sell-off

A new year has begun but not much has changed apart from the date on the calendar.In Australia, that faraway land that has the reputation of a kind of paradise according to some people here in Catalonia,...

gallery. martin capdevila

The economics of being a millennial

A changing world challenges the younger generation to adapt in the face of uncertainty

from the editor

Food waste: top of the list for 2017

Another year and we devote the first issue of 2017 to a problem that affects everyone, and that we should all add to our list of New Year's resolutions. Wasting food is an alarming problem. Recent studies...



My uncle passed away recently, and in addition to Skype calls to my family in the UK we naturally immediately went looking for a card to send our condolences to my mother. I say we, but it was actually...


Let's think with our heads instead of our stomachs

Whatever your ethnicity or the language you speak, whether left, right, tall or stupid, there is one thing we all share: the need to eat. Food is a vital resource only edged off top spot by water. You...

Long-term resident

Belarus and Ukraine today

It would have been natural, given that I've just travelled to these two relatively unvisited countries, to write a travel piece about them. About the safe streets of Minsk, for instance (the poshest of...


Thank you little tree

I am drawn to head north again, out of the gorges and mountain drama of the Priorat and up onto the vast landscape of southern Lleida, those close yet, for too long, distant rolling plains of history and...

from the editor

Into an uncertain future

It has been an unpredictable year in 2016. We have seen the end of an era characterised by stability and the advent of one dominated by change and uncertainty. The year started with change and uncertainty...