Let’s keep calm and do it our way

When people began to become more active on the independence issue in favour and were faced with Spain’s negative reaction, someone resurrected an famous British WWII slogan “keep calm and carry on.”...

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The world is watching Catalonia

The horrific terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils have naturally been a major focus for the world’s media. With Barcelona being one of the most popular cities in the world, and as there were 30 different...


The currency of knowledge

A few years ago, I somehow came into a bit of extra cash. Obviously, being me, my first thought was to blow it all a new motorbike. Yet, it seems that, finally, a little bit of maturity must have crept...

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Now that the Catalan (and Valencian) beach season is once again rolling into oblivion many people seem to have forgotten (if they ever knew) that back in the busy days of late June, a delegation of North...

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Tragedy in Turkey

Where to begin when we look at Turkey? Here is a part of the world with so much culture and history in its favour but in the last couple of years it has become somewhere you would not choose to live and...


The sovereignty issue

This month’s column was brought on by an encounter with some old schoolmates, meaning people I went to school with 35 years ago. One of them was getting remarried this summer and arranged to have his...


Barefoot truth

Taking off my shoes really helps. I slow down. The dawn path to the pony corral to feed La Petita becomes an exercise in grounding. It is never pain-free, but that is fleeting. I feel, see, appreciate...

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The true story of Little Boy Blue

The real-life murder of an 11-year-old Everton fan in a working class area of Liverpool provides the plot for a new British mini-series about the investigation into the shooting

Europe’s relief at the fall of populism

The populist wave that at the start of the year threatened to sweep away the EU has been welcomed by bureaucrats but huge challenges remain as well as a need for deep reform


Last June, Barcelona commemorated the 30th anniversary of the last major terrorist attack the city had suffered. A bomb placed in the basement of a popular superstore, Hipercor, by ETA, the Basque terrorist...