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A summer full of culture in the open air

The fine Mediterranean weather invites us to do activities outside, and what better then a good show in the open air? Every summer we offer a comprehensive guide to the year’s festivals between July...


Support your local festival

Summer is the most important time of year for Catalonia. Last year, more than two million people visited the country in July alone. The weather, the beaches, the food, the landmarks, the landscape, the...

Long-term resident
Matthew tree

Groundhog years

As it has been 18 years since I haven’t been allowed to vote in Britain, and as I have no intention of moving back there (alive or dead) I tend not to follow the country’s pre-election debates. But...

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The scientific method vs everyone

The Internet allows anyone to express opinion on any subject, even when not qualified to do so

viewpoint. brett hetherington
Journalist and writer / bretthetherington.net

The rallying of the left

Elections can be strange events. The British one last month produced a mixture of results, but one thing it showed was that a genuinely democratic socialist government could be a distinct possibility the...


Ex-pats and 1-O

£“93 555 6724 Perkins”. That is the unexpected response I got when phoning an English work colleague here many years ago. She lived down the coast in Sitges, and hearing her answer the phone in this...


An age of chaos

I have been battling to square the circle for a year now. The insanity that was Brexit depressed me so deeply, and this was subsequently compounded by the coronation of Trump. What was going on?Something...

daniel pALOMERAS. GP and writer

Josep Pla’s heart attack

I do not think that Restif de la Bretonne was to blame for the myocardial infarction, or heart attack, suffered by the great Catalan prose writer in mid-August 1972. “So, I did a myocardial infarction,”...

els bastards

Now it’s Claire’s turn

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for the fifth season of House of Cards.A presidency with a target on its back waiting to be hunted is how Francis Underwood defines the situation in the fifth...

random thoughts. terry parris

Newness means the possibility of change

Have you ever considered the word ’new’? For me, it means life, creativity, truth, excitement. The word ’new’ comes to mind in July, a time for sea, sand and sun-bathing. After a Spring of frosts,...