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New season brings hope and euphoria

October was both a crucial and intense month for Catalonia, which ended with the Parliament declaring the Catalan Republic on October 27. We reflect the hope and euphoria this caused on this month’s...

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Matthew tree


The October 1st campaign of police brutality against civilians who were passively blocking access to polling stations around Catalonia, including women over 75 and children under 12 (there were 1.066 people...


Saving lives can be quick, easy and very gratifying

I have a bit of a confession to make. Don’t worry, it’s nothing gross or embarrassing. It is as simple as this: I have to admit that I have never given blood in this country. Giving blood was something...


The victim card

As regular readers of this column will know by now, I’m in favour of Catalonia having a referendum on its future and also of it separating from Spain and becoming a republic. Admittedly, it’s not a...

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Saluting the divinity in each of us

In Northwest India some years ago, I was entranced by Hindu greetings. With a slight downward inclination of the head, they would say ’Namaste’. This means ’The Divinity in me salutes the Divinity...

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Evolution’s forgotten man

This story begins in the late 18th century with a small boy’s limitless curiosity, at first for staring at his marbles and stones, but soon this grows into a thirst for knowing what lies deep beneath...


This house still stands

There was, in a flash, electricity and fear in the air. The bully storm crashed into our tight valley and started flailing. The first lightning bolt took out our modem, phone, one computer, our water heating...


Parliament proclaims The Republic

The Parliament of Catalonia approved yesterday, by accepting the mandate expressed by the people of Catalonia on October 1, to apply the precepts of the Law of Transition and begin a constitutional process....


An offer of dialogue? Article 155

The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, yesterday began the process of imposing Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution on Catalonia. This is the response of the State to the offer of talks made by...

from the editor
marcela topor. mtopor@cataloniatoday.cat

A new chapter in Catalonia’s history

This article was originally going to be an invitation to the pick of the upcoming cultural events this magazine traditionally presents in autumn. However, October 1means that Catalonia is now living through...