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Getting ready for a busy summer

The holidays are almost here and if your perfect summer break does not mean travelling too far and spending time with the family, then we have just what you need. As every year, we offer a selection of...


Everything on our doorstep

When I arrived in Catalonia in 1990, my stay in the country was supposed to be short. It was also supposed to be just the first stop in a world tour that would satiate the curiosity of youth and turn me...

Long-term resident
Matthew tree

Out of the mouths of babes

Until I saw my children for the first time (14 years ago and counting) I had taken it as given that nothing was sacred, but at that moment had to correct myself on the spot: children are unmistakably sacred,...

Watching the series bubble

Popular television shows are at the centre of an ongoing conflict between private operators in order to gain more viewers in a market that may well have now reached a saturation point

els bastards

13 reasons to watch '13 Reasons Why'

A series for teenagers that isn’t at all bad? It may be hard to believe, but Netflix has managed it. 13 Reasons Why (Por 13 razones in Spanish) is a really well-made show with more of a message than...

viewpoint. brett hetherington
Journalist and writer/ bretthetherington.net

The quiet one

There he is. Sitting along the side of the class, with his head down. He could be a child or an adult –and certainly female, too– but today at least this introvert has very little to say for himself.Familiar...


School holidays

As usual at this time of year, our son is about to finish school a week before the end of June and not return until almost mid-September; in other words he’s about to have 11 weeks off. Yes, you read...


Stop right now

It is something extra special, isn’t it, this smart, wired world when you are available 24/7 and absolutely everything and everyone is available to you?No. With increasing frequency it is anything but.When...

The English Culture Club article of the month

Nationalism in Spain and Catalonia

Identity can often be hijacked for narrow political purposes, creating uniformity and an “us v them”dynamic that works against embracing diversity

random thoughts. terry parris

Going more than a little crazy

I have the distinct feeling that this month is going to be crazy. If, in May, I could look out of my window and see snow falling on the flowering apple and pear trees, then in June, anything is possible!...