viewpoint. brett hetherington

Squatting in Vilafranca del Penedès

If global warming is likely to be the biggest problem facing society in the coming years, it will certainly be competing with housing as an issue of great public concern. While the situation is probably...

random thoughts. terry parris

Looking for small miracles in 2017

Thomas Tusser, the poet, said in the 16th century: 'At Christmas play, and make good cheer,/ For Christmas comes but once a year.'But Tusser was English and here we 'play and have good cheer' from before...

tribune. Pere Miret

A better welfare state in the Republic

In December, the results of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), done by the OECD in 2015, were made public. The tests are taken every three years by 15-year-old pupils near the end...

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Black History Month, in Catalonia

If we want others to pay attention to our culture, we must make the effort to understand theirs

from the editor

Where will the path of populism lead us?

If last year the political discourse was dominated by the word 'Brexit', it seems that this year 'populism' is the term du jour. This issue has a feature on the main players of the populist trend that...


Reis reflections

Epiphany? Kings' Day (surely with the plural apostrophe)? Three Kings' Day? Three Wise Men's Day (let's not forget that in the English version Jesus was visited by wise men rather than kings on his birth)?...


Power to the people?

Is populism good or bad? Despite its largely negative overtones, it must have something going for it to attract increasingly large numbers of voters all over Europe and the world. While today's populist...


Henry, English hero for Catalans

Come to England with me for a few moments. Let's talk of heroes.You might think that the setting of my wild English childhood - of a one sock up, one down, scruffy, bare-kneed boy roaming along the dangerous...

Long-term resident

The model

Last month the magazines The Economist and Politico Europe each published pieces which claimed that Catalonia would become a political nightmare for Europe in 2017, on the grounds that the Catalan independence...

tribune. pere miret

To reform the regional funding system

After three years of having ignored the review of the regional financing system, in breach of the law itself, the Spanish government has now put it on the table. The funding of the Catalan government interests...