Catalans Abroad


The secret city

Why did you leave Catalonia?Love, I left Catalonia more than 10 years ago and moved to Fargo, USA where my boyfriend was studying.Why did you choose Croatia?We were looking for a place to live. We looked...

Northern lights

Why did you leave Catalonia?I was following a Finn! That is usually the (only?) reason for a Catalan lady to agree to move far North. Luckily, the move made it also possible to pursue a scientific career,...

Down to the Wigan River

Why did you leave Catalonia?We had a child and my husband's working hours meant he wouldn't see enough of him. He worked in a state school and then a private language academy. He only got home after 10...

The city of eternal spring Photo:Arxiu

The city of eternal spring

Why did you leave Catalonia?For work. I have a doctorate in psychology and I'm a researcher and specialist in occupational health and health organizations. In 2012 I was offered a position to lead a challenging...


Sold on Texas

Why did you leave Catalonia?A few years ago my wife was offered a job at the R&D centre her company has in the Dallas area, and it was an easy decision, a total no-brainer. The economy in Catalonia was...

OctoberFest seen from the Ferris Wheel.  Photo:ARNAU NAVARRO
Arnau Navarro

Ten years and not counting

Why did you leave Catalonia?In 1996 I went to Germany to learn the language, I found a job and they offered to pay for my studies as well. The plan was to stay a for year and I have been here now for 10.Why...


Japanese delight

Why did you leave Catalonia?I think I wanted to leave Catalonia the day I was born, don't misunderstand me, I love my country but I always wanted to travel and “see the World”. The first chance I had...


In Dublin's fair city

Why did you leave Catalonia?Because I wanted to improve my English and thought that the quickest way would be to live in an English-speaking countryWhy did you choose Ireland?I had a friend in Ireland,...

Carme Díaz

West meets East

Why did you leave Catalonia?The first time, I went to improve my English in Dublin and met my husband. So, the second time I left Catalonia was to go to live with him. To be honest, it made sense for me...

Ramon Casaramona
Miquel Casaramona

Under an African sky

Why did you leave Catalonia?I had an offer to come here to manage the bar and restaurant in a hotel owned by a Catalan and with the economic situation of most European countries, especially in Spain, the...