Week by week over- sight or collapse

Rajoy orders weekly inspection of Generalitat outgoings to ensure public money is not spent on referendum


Book fair to have translations for tourists

The Week of Books in Catalan (from 8 to 17 September) will this year see one of the 163 stalls dedicated exclusively to works by Catalan authors translated into English, French, German and Spanish, as...


Radar detects 44,000 driving offences per year

Visitors entering Catalonia along the AP-7 motorway from the south are welcomed with a traffic fine. The county of Montsià has Catalonia’s most effective radar, it having detected 44,000 offences that...


Legal war against online advocacy of disorders

The Catalan Government yesterday announced a series of legal measures to combat websites, blogs and social networks that advocate eating disorders on the Internet and that very often lead to adolescents...

Verratti looking likely to renew PSG contract

Marco Verratti’s signing for Barça is looking more and more unlikely. Added to the difficulties of convincing PSG to negotiate a transfer with the Blaugrana, the midfielder has announced he is to change...