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Today's holidaymakers are looking for unique experiences and sensations

.  Foto:Lluís Xargay

Toshie Nagashima

Macrobiotic cooking instructor


Japanese delight

Why did you leave Catalonia?I think I wanted to leave Catalonia the day I was born, don't misunderstand me, I love my country but I always wanted to travel and “see the World”. The first chance I had...

Photo:  Foto:ORIOL DURAN

Allison Malinsky



In Dublin's fair city

Why did you leave Catalonia?Because I wanted to improve my English and thought that the quickest way would be to live in an English-speaking countryWhy did you choose Ireland?I had a friend in Ireland,...

Vivienne Westwood and her husband, designer Andreas Kronthaler, at this year's Milan's men's fashion show.   Foto:AFP/ GIUSEPPE CACACE

It's hip to be square

Fashion for men is historically ephemeral but statistics now show that some 40% of the fashion market is geared to men and advertising has rocketed; have things changed?

Marcela Topor
from the editor
Marcela Topor

Here's to a summer filled with festivals

Neil Stokes
Neil Stokes

CATchat podcast: it's about Catalonia, not cats!

Neil Stokes
Neil Stokes

A look at the art scene

Matthew Tree
Long-term resident
Matthew Tree

Nine million bicycles

els bastards

On Penny Dreadful and Gothic literature

Tribune. pere miret
Economist and member of the Economy Section of the National Catalan Assembly (ANC)

Are the decisions of the European Central Bank politically motivated?

Spain's acting deputy PM Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría in Madrid yesterday Foto:EFE

Penal measures against Parliament

A group of prisoners from the Brians 2 centre listen to instructions from a pool monitor last Friday Foto:ANDREU PUIG

Prisons re-open facilities

First meeting of the institutional council Foto:ORIOL DURAN

Catalan government starts process for new local laws


Enric Sala


Norman Vilalta

.  Foto:Lluís Xargay

Toshie Nagashima


Sold on Texas

OctoberFest seen from the Ferris Wheel.  Foto:ARNAU NAVARRO
Arnau Navarro

Ten years and not counting


Japanese delight

Dutch-born Krizia Robustella is a graduate of top Catalan and Spanish design centres. Her first show was in Ego, Cibeles, in 2007, and she has not looked back. Winner of the Generalitat's 2010 Bressol award, last week she exhibited in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week  Foto:ACN

Ready, set, design

McCall pictured with one of his ‘solid light' installations on display at Fundació Gaspar.  Foto:ANDREU PUIG

On the art of light and time

‘Labour in a Single Shot' was Farocki's last major work before he died in 2014.  Foto:JOSEP LOSADA

Spotlight on a radical filmmaker

Marcos Mandojana and Marcela Topor on El Punt Avui TV
Marcos Mandojana
US Consul General in Barcelona

Friends and allies

Javier Martín-Vide explains a point during the interview in the Geography and History faculty of Barcelona University.  Foto:ORIOL DURAN
Javier Martín-Vide
Climate change expert

Late but still time to act

Neil talking to Dr Cambras on El Punt Avui Televisió
Dr.Trinitat Cambras
UB Physiology professor

High time for a change?

Mallorca the Magnificent (New York, 1927 Foto:ARCHIVE

Waxing lyrical

Han Kang

books of the month recommended by linguae bookshop

Girona's El Call, the citys' medieval Jewish quarter.  Foto:JORDI SOLER

Secrets of the stones An Entrancing Forest

Tast Jazz - July 2 - Arbeca
july food programme. CUINA magazine

A mouth-watering summer feast

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through cava country

Segura Viudas
Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Penedès

Tesla's Model 3  Foto:EFE
article of the month

The mother of all inventions

Luminescent wearables developed at Eurecat centres

Second skin


Google news

Girona, May, 2016
Photo: quim puig

A city in bloom

Jan 22, 2016 Photo: Josep Losada

What to do with the Born cultural centre?

Christmas is coming
December, 2014 Photo: Albert Salamé

Christmas is coming

Join our ECClub to enjoy English language and culture in Catalonia Whether you are a native English speaker who wants cultural activities in your mother tongue or a Catalan who wants to improve and practise your English, Catalonia Today has just the thing for you. For less than six euros a month, our English Culture Club offers a whole world of activities, resources and reading groups held in Abacus stores around the country. More information at Here are a few of our specials for this month:

  • photo The old Jewish Barcelona

    During this tour, we will wander around the narrow streets of the old Jewish Quarter, explore the ruins of a house owned by a Jewish alchemist, immerse ourselves in the works of Sholomo Ben Adret and learn how the community lived in relative peace until 1391, when a brutal purge brought a dramatic end to their presence in Barcelona.  Thursday July 7 at 7.15pm. Special offer to ECclubbers: FREE For reservation send an email to ECCLUB  

  • Cinema

    Every Thursday in Cinemes de Palamós, every day in Girona’s Cinema Truffaut and Wednesday to Sundays at Cinemes Girona in Barcelona. Get a great price with your ECClub card.