The ceiling of the Sagrada Família temple in Barcelona.

Catalonia's gifts to the world

Experts have compiled more than 200 contributions made by Catalans with an impact on the progress of humanity

Elaine Blaus during the interview on El Punt Avui Televisió.

Putting English to the test

Your surname doesn't sound very English.It sounds more Catalan than English but in fact it's Latvian. My father was from Latvia, although I was born in England and my mother is English.But you have spent...

Life Embitters

The fleeting pulse of reality

Pla called Life Embitters 'narrative literature', a book combining a youth's passion to understand the world and a revised mature take on the follies of human behaviour

Salvador Macip talking to Neil Stokes on El Punt Avui TV. /  Foto:ARCHIVE

Beat cancer by living longer

Why cancer research?Cancer was what interested me the most. Cancer is a very important disease that has a lot of impact, and from the biological point of view it is fascinating how a single cell can wreak...

Carles Reixach next to the Eumes logo.

A mix of musical tools and concepts

Inspired by advanced music schools in London and New York, Eumes is training a new generation of musicians in both classical and technological techniques

Dave Holmes with Nicole Millar on EL PUNT AVUI TV/  Foto:ARCHIVE

One call away from leaving

How did you discover Catalonia?I was living in Southampton with my partner and we had just finished university and we were weighing up options, which were very few. A friend called me…her mother had...

Marcela Topor
from the editor
Marcela Topor

Catalonia's contribution to the world

Neil Stokes
Neil Stokes

A day all about George


The past, present and future

Marc Bataller Serra
els bastards
Marc Bataller Serra

Borgen, a lesson in authentic politics

Frank Bayer
reflections. frank bayer
Frank Bayer

Teenagers and frustration

tribune. lluís verbon

Independence and Catalan business

An unusual situation ahead of 27S

With just eighty-six days until the 27-S elections, the country finds itself in a very unusual situation. On the eve of what will inevitably be plebiscite elections and show how many Catalans are in favour...


12 suspects arrested in relation to Tunis killings

Tunis police have arrested 12 people for their alleged involvement in the jihadist attack that killed 38 foreign tourists and wounded 39 at a hotel in the town of Susa a week ago and are now investigating...


Summer season brings more jobs

The labour market is reviving, but not due to a change in production model or the emergence of sectors promising future stability; rather simply because it is hot. Good weather fills bar terraces, restaurants...

Bradley Ainsworth Foto:ELISABETH MAGRE

Bradley Ainsworth


Amber Meier

Four goals keep FC Barcelona on track in race for title

With eight games remaining in this season's league, it is vital that Barça stay on track with a cushion between the club and arch-rivals Real Madrid. This they did last night with a comfortable four-goal...


Life in the tropics

Gold-Coast, Surfers Paradise.  Foto:MARK BURGIN

A Catalan in Paradise

Josep Ligorred Perramon

Catalan heart, Mayan soul

The ceiling of the Sagrada Família temple in Barcelona.

Catalonia's gifts to the world

Emilia Clarke.

Girona to play the game of thrones

House of Cards

The politics of television

Elaine Blaus during the interview on El Punt Avui Televisió.

Putting English to the test

Salvador Macip talking to Neil Stokes on El Punt Avui TV. /  Foto:ARCHIVE

Beat cancer by living longer

Kobie du Plessis with her harp  Foto:ARCHIVE
ECClub reading group books

From South Africa to Barcelona

Hostalric. At the end of the XVIII century women crossing the Tordera river.  Foto:ARCHIVE

A rude welcome

Life Embitters

The fleeting pulse of reality

British writer Joanna Trollope.  Foto:ARCHIVE
ecclub book review

The Balancing Act of the English family

food & wine. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Terra Alta

Until June 28: Jornades del Llagostí

Seaside delicacies in the month of June

Aubergines or eggplant (USA)

Ornament to grub

The internet giant has no intention of missing the opportunity to make the leap into the fast-growing, fiercely-competitive but profitable mobile sector. The new project will begin in the US and will initially be by invitation only.  Foto:REUTERS

Google gets into mobile


Secret of the smile

The digital future is under debate. omnipresent. In the photo, a visitor to the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona last March  Foto:AFP

Digital life 2025

Barcelona, May 23, 2015
Photo:Juanma ramos

Farewell Xavi!

Barcelona's Saló del Còmic  Foto:Juanma Ramos
Barcelona, April 16, 2015

Alive and kicking

Barcelona, march 2015
Photo: el punt avui

Saving Barcelona's unique shops

Join our ECClub to enjoy English language and culture in Catalonia Whether you are a native English speaker who wants cultural activities in your mother tongue or a Catalan who wants to improve and practise your English, Catalonia Today has just the thing for you. For less than six euros a month, our English Culture Club offers a whole world of activities, resources and reading groups held in Abacus stores around the country. More information at Here are a few of our specials for this month:

  • photo Premiere

    World premiere of the latest performance of Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs They’re only 24, but Albet and Borràs are the key to understanding the future of theatre, packed with action and the influence of cinema and pop culture. Prepare for a clash of intellectuals and skaters. Artistic information Direction and dramaturgy: Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs Cast: Kristina Westad, Alfredo Baccetti, Mike Deal, Dallas, Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs Production: La Brutal and Grec 2015 Festival de Barcelona Co-production: Temporada Alta 2014 Special offer to ECclubbers: FREE For reservation send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //  

  • Cinema

    Every Thursday in Cinemes de Palamós, every day in Girona’s Cinema Truffaut and Wednesday to Sundays at Cinemes Girona in Barcelona. Get a great price with your ECClub card.