PP headquarters in Madrid is surrounded by police last December as part of the investigation into the “Bárcenas” case.  Photo:EFE

The truth about corruption

A business report dispels myths about the amount of corruption in Catalonia compared with other places in Spain

The Wolves Photo:LLUÍS SERRAT
Sarrià de Ter's American football team

The Wolves

Set up six years ago, the Wolves American football club was co-founded by two former players: Enric Sucarrats, who played for the Manresa Bagmonts, and Manel Iribarne, who played for the Barcelona Howlers....

Lluís Llach at home in Porrera, in Priorat, where the interview took place and where his winery is located./  Photo:JUDIT FERNÀNDEZ
Lluís Llach
Singer, writer and wine producer

The exercise of creativity

The iconic singer-songwriter turned novelist on his latest book, working in Africa and the process towards sovereignty

In The Class, Andreu shows the children growing through learning.
marta andreu
Producer of The Class and Storytime

'We witness the kids grow as they learn'

With The Class and Storytime, Marta Andreu is at the helm of two new projects bringing the experience of learning English to El Punt Avui TV three evenings a week

Toni Garrn and Andrés Velencos on Mango's runway.  Photo:EFE

Let there be light

Catalan chic this month takes a look at how fashion evolved from the time of the dictatorship until the present

Josep pictured with the Marrecs practising in the background.  Photo:JOAN SABATER
President of the Marrecs de Salt Castellers

Josep Masdevall

Josep joined the Marrecs de Salt in 1998, just two years after the casteller group was founded. As the president of the Marrecs, he is in charge of representing the group and ensuring its good functioning....

Marcela Topor
from the editor
marcela topor

Political abuse in a time of change

Neil Stokes

Unsung heroes of the word

Matthew Tree
Long-term resident
Matthew tree

Hit it

Martin Kirby

The great lie (and what to do about it)

Barney Griffiths


tribune. Brett Hetherington

Are the best things in life no longer free?

Greece opens up a new path

The day after the radical left-wing coalition Syriza claimed victory in the Greek elections, all the doom and gloom forecast by the European Union has dissipated like mist. Thus, while the new prime minister,...

Kammenos and Tsipras shake hands after their coalition pact Photo:REUTERS

An unlikely alliance?

Artur Mas and Xevi Xirgo in the conference organised by Moment Zero and El Punt Avui Photo:ANDREU PUIG

The post-27-S constitution

CIU and ERC parties agree social fund worth 88 million euros

This year's budget will have a strong social and national character thanks to yesterday's agreement between CiU and ERC. On the one hand, an 88-million euro fund destined for social issues will be created...


Banc Sabadell launches new plan for business

Banc Sabadell has launched the project, Pla Compromís Empreses, with the aim of capturing 25% of the business generated by large companies, 50% of that by medium and small firms and 100% of retail business....


Catalan business schools among ‘best in the world'

The MBA programmes in the Esade and IESE business schools are among the top 20 in the world, according to the business newspaper The Financial Times. The ranking, which evaluates such criteria as the professional...

. Photo:Manel Lladó
Illustrator and print maker

Yoko Kataoka

The Wolves Photo:LLUÍS SERRAT
Sarrià de Ter's American football team

The Wolves

Josep pictured with the Marrecs practising in the background.  Photo:JOAN SABATER
President of the Marrecs de Salt Castellers

Josep Masdevall

Albert Garcia Photo:Breezy Baldwin

It's always sunny in San Juan

Carles Vendrell

Victoria: cold but beautiful


Warsaw: a major European capital

Singer Isabel Pantoja collapses outside court.  Photo:EFE / REUTERS

A tour of political abuse

Fèlix Millet in an appearance before the Audiència de Barcelona to give testimony about his involvement in the 'Palau' corruption case.  Photo:A. SALAMÉ / ACN /ARCHIVE

Ever-present problem of corruption

The Pujol-Ferrusola family eating lunch together in 1979 at the family home in Barcelona.  Photo:EL PUNT AVUI / ARCHIVE

Keeping it in the family?

Nicole Millar and Germà Capdevila

Coming home

Catalan to English literary translator Peter Bush, author of the translation of The Gray Notebook by Josep Pla.  Photo:ARCHIVE

The challenge of styles

Albinyana poses for a photograph during the interview.  Photo:O. DURAN

'To be a state, you need a state's mentality'


The Gray Notebook

The Rambla in Figueres, early last century.  Photo:ARCHIVE

Two worlds meet

Eduardo Mendoza in an archive photo Photo:Archive
Book of the month

'In somewhat of a pickle'


The seafood king

january food programme

The year starts with sea urchins and calçots

January's fairs and festivals around Catalonia feature a spectrum of food-related celebrations that include everything from botifarra and olive oil to seafood, rice and beans of all varieties

Lavit - Segura Viudas

Wine route through cava country

wikidones.labonne.org Information related to the Wikidones project  Interview with Marta Nieto on ‘L'Internauta'.

Wiki- women

Amazon hopes their Fire tablets will soon become household items.  Photo:Archive

Amazon's new Fire range

The new iPhone 6 Plus can be used horizontally as well as vertically, like the iPad and most Android phones.  Photo:AFP

The iPhone reinvented

. Photo:Albert Gea

Catalan Christmas crapper still the best

Josefa Batalla is from Sabadell and she is 90 years old. Photo:Oriol Duran
Sabadell, Nov 9, 2014 /
Photo: Oriol Duran

The older the stronger

Tarragona, October 2014
Photo:E. Magre

All together now

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