Jordi Valls

Living through the revolution

Jordi Valls (Barcelona, 1945) moved to London in 1969 after a few visits to the UK capital. In 1976, after years of prog rock, he witnessed the emergence of punk, which would go on to infect the capitals...

Manel Marcè

Artisan cheesemaker

A unique city

Why did you leave Catalonia?I wanted to study Fine Art and the art academy in Amsterdam was more interesting for me. I looked at the possibilities of studying in Catalonia and the possibilities in The...

Anna Danés

The secret city

Why did you leave Catalonia?Love, I left Catalonia more than 10 years ago and moved to Fargo, USA where my boyfriend was studying.Why did you choose Croatia?We were looking for a place to live. We looked...

Rut's Barber Shop

There's nothing like tradition!

Kim Tattoo

Tattoo artist

Marcela Topor
from the editor
Marcela Topor

Every day should be Sant Jordi

Matthew Tree
Long-term resident
Matthew Tree


Barney Griffiths
Barney Griffiths

Driving forces

Martin Kirby
Martin Kirby

Empires of the mind

viewpoint. brett hetherington
Brett Hetherington

The words we use

tribune. Pere Miret
Pere Miret - ANC

Democratic regeneration

Change of tack by CSQP


U.S. to apply more sanctions to North Korea


Festive calendar affects job figures for first quarter

Some observers, such as the portal Infojobs, tried to downplay the rise in first quarter unemployment figures yesterday, attributing it to the Easter break being in April. Survey data reflect the worst...

Dolors Sans

Manel Marcè

Rut's Barber Shop

Bremen, full of surprises

The melting pot

A unique city

Lives from the silver screen in print

A life told on the page

The future of politics meets the past

teresa rosell

The purifying function of writing

Agustí Pons

'The aim is to build a life, not research'

Núria Cabutí

'The book market is stable'


On Vulgar Errors

Roman grandeur

The city of water and stone where I was born

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Costers del Segre

november food programme. CUINA magazine

Winter's on the horizon, time to get out

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through Alella

THE YOUTUBE phenomenom

Profession: YouTuber

Futuroscope.  Foto:ARCHIVE

Step into the future

Tesla's Model 3  Foto:EFE
article of the month

The mother of all inventions

Girona, March 2016

Holy Week

catalonia, october

Mad about mushrooms

Ville d'Angers, 2014 Foto:Thierry Bonnet
Ville d'Angers, 2014
Photo: Thierry Bonnet

An explosion of colour

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  • Cinema

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