Jordi Valls

Living through the revolution

Jordi Valls (Barcelona, 1945) moved to London in 1969 after a few visits to the UK capital. In 1976, after years of prog rock, he witnessed the emergence of punk, which would go on to infect the capitals...

'No future' in the cinema

Punk's radical philosophy and aesthetics have heavily influenced many cultural disciplines, not least film in both productions made at the time and many of those that came later

1978 was a fruitful year for punk-rock

While the genre did not last long in Catalonia, at the end of 1977 and through 1978 bands that were punk in everything but name performed gigs and festivals all over the country

Where punk meets art

Despite no direct connection, the radical and rebellious nature of punk can be seen in the artistic output of the time

Steve Trapmore & Rob Becker

Getting ready for the big Boat Race

Steve and Rob are the respective coaches of the mens 'and womens' Cambridge University rowing teams

maria mut bosque

'The danger is when populism becomes radical'

What should we understand by populism?We often understand it as an ideology and a political trend looking to satisfy the interests and desires of the masses. I'd say it is now a changeable term –which...

The Blues in Banyoles

For 25 years the local swimming club has hosted the Cambridge University Boat Club teams

Holland Discourse against refugees

With political pledges to ban the Quran and seal the country's borders, the PVV is gaining ground in the polls

Germany A vote for xenophobia

The far right Alternative for Germany hopes to win 20% of the votes in September's election

France Both left and right

French populist movements tend to become confused, mixing hard-right arguments and policies with leftist Jacobin centralist protectionism