Summer hot spots

One of Europe’s main holiday destinations, Catalonia has a wide variety of tourist sights to suit just about all tastes and budgets

Sónar: 'a unique cultural platform'

Björk heads the line-up of a varied Sónar festival that sees the return of the CCCB as a venue and features exhibitions and talks to go alongside performances by 140 different acts

Claiming the stage

Feminism enters the music scene in the Països Catalans with a will, as seen in acts such as El Diluvi, Clara Peya and Roba Estesa

Local means global

Slow Fashion is gaining adepts at such a pace that all on its own it has been transformed into a trending movement that is winning hearts and customers

Joan Guasch

Are robots harmless?

“We need to rethink things ranging from finance structures through to intellectual property”

Experts talk of the inevitability of robotics, tell us not to worry so much about them and advise us to simply “deal with it”. Some are not so convinced

Digital talent wanted

On average, some 64% of vacant posts are not posted online or advertised

There is a growing demand for professionals in digital marketing, social media and digital strategy

1.44 MB of data Floppy disk

Floppy disks appeared in 1971 in the US, developed by the computer giant IBM. They allowed for storing digital information on a magnetic disk inside a square plastic casing. With the onset of personal...

Trans fashion

The front cover of the French Vogue gives prominence to transgender styles, featuring the like of Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio

Spring showers

This spring is a tribute to Debbie Reynolds, the star of one of the most memorable musicals of Hollywood's golden age, with long raincoats and patent leather coats

Carrie & Debbie, fashion icons

An HBO documentary reveals the lives of missed Hollywood stars Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher