News from El Punt Avui

Picasso, alive in Barcelona

There are still many corners of the Catalan capital that bear witness to the passage of the artistic genius during his time spent in the city


Unlike this summer’s extreme weather, which came to Europe then went, extreme conservative governments have also recently come but unfortunately don’t seem to be going.In the UK, the latest incarnation...

2009 - 2019. A decade for independence

On September 13, 2009, the small Maresme town of Arenys de Munt made history by holding a local referendum on the independence of Catalonia. Despite the best efforts of the state authorities to halt and discredit it, the success of the vote turned out to be the spark that led to the current movement demanding the right to self-determination

Whither the independence issue?

With summer over, a new political term begins with the independence issue set to top the agenda in Catalonia. The bid to split from Spain, with a unilateral referendum and a declaration of independence...


Missing the POINT

My to-do list is getting out of hand. I’ve had the same one for years, and it’s now so long I have to programme time into my day just to get through it. Sometimes I see items on that list that have...

Tempo Girona

Girona’s old quarter hosts best music

This high quality music and food festival takes place every summer in the Girona’s old quarter. In this year’s edition, the festival will present artists such as Christina Rosenvinge (pictured), Quimi...

Nits de clàssica

Classical doesn’t mean elitist

The Nits de Clàssica festival, directed since its early days by Víctor Garcia de Gomar, aims to dispel the elitist connotations of classical music, but without a drop in quality. In this eighth edition,...

Sons Solers

When the environment is everything

The Mas Solers estate in Sant Pere de Ribes is the setting for the Sons Solers festival. Since its very beginnings, this has been a festival different from the rest. Held in the impressive natural surroundings...

Poesia i +

Poetry in Maresme

This festival devoted to poetry (although it also includes music) takes place in several places in the Maresme region: including the towns of Canet de Mar, Mataró, Dosrius, Alella, Llavaneres, and Caldes...


Six strings and a wooden box

The Garrigues Guitar Festival “Memorial Emili Pujol” takes places in towns in Lleida, such as Borges Blanques, Cogul, Bellaguarda, Granyena de les Garrigues, Vinaixa, Torrebesses, Arbeca, Juneda and...