A review of the year picking out some of the key moments that featured in the news in the past 12 months, both in Catalonia and further afield


The trial begins

February 2019 is dominated by one main theme: the trial of the Catalan political prisoners, which gives rise to mass protests and a general strike


Taxis war with rideshare firms

Uber and Cabify quit Barcelona, the Catalan government creates 5,000 new teaching jobs, and a blanket of snow covers inland parts of Catalonia

Helena Bagué
Singer of El Pot Petit band

’Family concert audiences keep on growing’

When she goes up the stage, the singer and actor, Helena Bagué, becomes Jana d’El Pot Petit, one of the most popular bands of the new children’s cançó, or, better, family cançó in Catalonia and...

Technology in the classroom

The government’s STEMcat programme aims to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics by providing material, resources and teacher training

1920. The columns of contention

The four giant columns designed by architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch for the 1929 Universal expo in the Catalan capital were controversial from the first moment. On the following pages, we trace the process surrounding their construction and demolition.

Matthew Tree
Long-term resident
Matthew Tree

Dear Lloyd

Sense foto

Generation Precarious

Sense foto
tribune / eduard gracia


Martin Kirby
Martin Kirby


Sense foto
random thoughts
Terry Parris / Writer

What you see is what you get

Martin Kirby
Martin Kirby



The trial begins


Taxis war with rideshare firms


Poetry and revolution

Ingrid Teixidor
Celler Oliveda

Ingrid Teixidor

Joan Mateu

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Tortellà (Garrotxa)

Dani Iglesias

Actors, co-founders of escapade theatre

Sue Flack & Caspar

Maria Miguel Cuadra
Managment company

“They think differently”

Eva J. Daussà
Professor of linguistics at the University of Groningen

”The place chose me”

Maria Hernández Reig.
Guide to the Sovtintendenza Archeologica di Roma and the Municipal Museums of Rome

The art history mecca

Albert Grañó & Aurèlia Marsal
Albert is a consultant. Aurèlia works in a Montessori school

In the heart of Europe

1920. The columns of contention

Extracurricular activities under debate

The “SLOVENIAN WAY” to independence

The hardest journey

Begoña Román
Chair of the Ethical Committee of Social Services in Catalonia

“AI is made so that you like it”

David Bañeres
Membre of SOM Research Lab at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Introducing the smart tutor

Helena Bagué
Singer of El Pot Petit band

’Family concert audiences keep on growing’

Patrycia Centeno

Patrycia CENTENO


Vicent Marqués
Author of ‘History of Catalan and Occitan Cuisine’

“The climate and local products are what define a country’s cuisine”

When garlic breath is haute literature

A week of records for Catalan Book Week

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through...Montsant

Text: CUINA MAGAZINE Photo: Anna García Frigola

Viladrau chestnuts

Ruth Troyano
Journalist and sommelier

“You don’t need to know about wine to get excited about it”

Wine cellar. ANNA VICENS

Wine route through La Terra del Cava

Mar Gutiérrez-Colón
PHD in English Philology (URV) and head of the team developing the new Art of Reading application

Learning English through fun

Smart Heritage

How to be a good REFEREE?

Skis, boots, glasses and a WRISTBAND

Horrorland, Cercs 2018
Photo: ACN

Are you ready for the fright of your life?

Festa major in Banyoles
Photo: Sara Cabarrocas

A cause for celebration

Llorenç del Penedès
Photo: Courtesy of town council

Night of fire and witches

Temps de Flors, 2018
Photo: manel lladó

Girona’s time for flowers