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Joan Mateu

Making the ordinary extraordinary

How has your painting evolved in the past 20 years?When you first start painting, what impresses you most is hyper-realism and being able to reproduce a reality in an almost photographic way. Years later,...

Tortellà (Garrotxa)

Dani Iglesias

When he was a little boy, Dani Iglesias used to spend hours doing handicrafts: from cross-stitching bracelets to sewing and even crocheting. Originally from the Costa Brava town of Blanes, at 12 years...

Actors, co-founders of escapade theatre

Sue Flack & Caspar

Sue Flack and Caspar, British actors living in Catalonia, co-founded Escapade Theatre back in 1997. Since then, they have produced top quality, acclaimed theatre in English. Often provocative, and with...

Founder of llibreria 22

Guillem Terribas

Llibreria 22 is an institution in Girona and needs little introduction. Extremely active and highly influential, it celebrated 40 years last year, and we invited Guillem Terribas, owner and founder of...

Joanic Geniüt

Joanic Geniüt

Medicine is the profession I learnt, an artist is what I am.” This is how Joan Dalmau, aka Joanic Geniüt, describes himself. His show, Tristos Tòpics, is still on until March 16 at the Fundació Valvi...

Mosaiking. com

Marta Royo Espinet

An economist by training and an advertising expert by profession, Marta Royo founded Mosaiking Comunicació in April 2011, and not long ago published her first book, Aroma de marca (Cossetània edicions,...

Horse riding instructor - Poni Club Girona
Sant Gregori (Gironès)

Dani Vilaró

Dani Vilaró has had a love for animals, and in particular horses, all his life. So it only seemed natural for him to open the Poni Club Girona in July 2014, after decades involved in the professional...

Marc Alós

Marc Alós

In a globalised world like ours, finding an original Christmas present has become increasingly difficult, but the caganer is something everyone likes; it’s different, funny, and not expensive,” says...

Igualada (Anoia, Barcelona).

Elisabet Serra

Elisabet was born in Igualada in 1986, probably with a pencil in her hand. As a little girl, she visited Plarin Bayés with her parents and fascinated by her work, she decided to become an illustrator....

State of the Nation debate a failure

The President came off better than the Leader of the Opposition but 42% believe that the debate had no winner