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Pla de la Seu, Tarragona, July 2022
Photo: Xavi Vicente

The sky is the limit

Pla de la Seu, Tarragona’s evocative mediaeval quarter and home to the city’s cathedral, at the start of July saw the return of one of Catalonia’s most iconic cultural activities, human towers. As...

Barcelona, January 2021
Photo: Juanma Ramos

Return of the Kings

A highlight of Christmastime in Catalonia is the procession of the Three Kings held on the evening of January 5 in towns and cities all over the country. The extravagant parade with its carnival-like atmosphere...

The best coming art

The most prominent exhibitions of the year embrace new perspectives on Picasso, Miró and Gaudí and one major project on the operation of safeguarding the Catalan artistic heritage during the Civil War

Blanes, 2019
Photo: oriol duran

Make way for the Carnival King!

February in Catalonia means Carnival time, when King Carnestoltes (the Carnival King) takes over the whole of the country and everyone is free to let their hair down in parties, parades, and fancy dress:...

Horrorland, Cercs 2018
Photo: ACN

Are you ready for the fright of your life?

Last year, the first horror theme park in the south of Europe opened in Cercs, in Berguedà county. Such was the theme park’s success that a new and improved Horrorland opened for a second season on...

Festa major in Banyoles
Photo: Sara Cabarrocas

A cause for celebration

For a few days every summer in just about every village, town and city in Catalonia, local communities let their hair down as families and neighbours come together to celebrate the ’festa major’. Going...

Llorenç del Penedès
Photo: Courtesy of town council

Night of fire and witches

Saint John’s Eve is one of Catalonia’s most important, and most popular, annual festivals. The Revetlla de Sant Joan, also known as the Nit del Foc (Night of Fire) or the Nit de les Bruixes (Night...

Temps de Flors, 2018
Photo: manel lladó

Girona’s time for flowers

Girona is known as the ’city of festivals’, and without doubt one of the most popular ones held there is Temps de Flors. Every year in the second half of May, the city gets dressed up for the occasion...

Mona de pasqua
Photo: Lluís Martínez

Wild mushrooms under threat

the eye

MWC, Barcelona 2019
Photo: Oriol Duran

Barcelona’s mobile fair reveals the future

It is the world’s largest trade fair for the mobile industry, and one of the biggest events that Barcelona will host all year. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) took place at the end of last month, showing...