Colau headed for trouble with police

Relations between the government of Ada Colau and Barcelona’s municipal police force have never been easy but the situation has now been aggravated by the decision, not yet finalised, to dissolve the...

Canada’s yes to cannabis

The North American country becomes the first industrialised nation to legalise cannabis for recreational use; Uruguay legalised its use in 2013


Floods kill at least 10 near Carcassonne

Severe flooding caused devastation in parts of south-western France on Sunday night with at least 10 people dead. The town of Carcassonne was on alert as water levels continued to rise. Heavy storms swamped...


Stem cell study gives clue to eradicating HIV

Reserach by Irsicaixa and the Gregorio Marañón hospital has found five people infected with HIV who received a stem cell transplant for a serious hematologic condition have tested virus-free in blood...


Man shoots and kills Guardia Civil at road check

A known felon shot and killed a Guardia Civil official in a routine vehicle check at Huétor Vega, Granada, yesterday morning. The man attacked the officer and managed to get hold of his pistol, driving...

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