The Net Information related to the Wikidones project  Interview with Marta Nieto on ‘L'Internauta'.

Wiki- women

Recents studies into Wikipedia reveal a serious editorial gender bias which could distort its content

Amazon hopes their Fire tablets will soon become household items.  Archive

Amazon's new Fire range

From 99 euros and in three sizes Amazon aims to attract new clients to the biggest shop in the world

The new iPhone 6 Plus can be used horizontally as well as vertically, like the iPad and most Android phones.  AFP

The iPhone reinvented

The new versions of the popular Apple smartphones are now in shops with a range of novelties from larger screens to NFC payment technology

Snowden uses the robot to interact with those at the TED event in Vancouver at the beginning of this year. BRET HARTMAN / TED

Edward Snowden's robot

The former CIA systems administrator has continued to disclose secrets of US global surveillance thanks to a long-distance communication robot

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