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Why get a verified account?

  • To improve the overall quality of comments.
  • With the new registration system we are reducing the chance of online identity theft.
  • We show user names and locations to be more transparent and ensure responsible comments.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a verified account.

How to do it?

  • If you are a subscriber of any of our group’s products, activate your access here.
  • With a single 1-euro payment, you can become a verified user.


  • You can comment on any news item (limited to 10 a month).
  • You will appear as a verified user.
  • Get a list of commented new items.
  • Get email notifications when a news item is commented on.
  • Save news items to your account.

Why pay 1 euro?

  • With a single 1-euro payment, we can improve security by linking user registration to a bank transaction.
  • Our subscribers are already verified. All that is required is to associate the user to a subscription account.