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marcela topor. mtopor@cataloniatoday.cat

A new chapter in Catalonia’s history

This article was originally going to be an invitation to the pick of the upcoming cultural events this magazine traditionally presents in autumn. However, October 1means that Catalonia is now living through a crucial moment in its history. In fact, we delayed publication for a week so as to be able to cover these historic events and represent them on our front cover. The issue still has plenty for our readers, such as the new cultural season in Catalonia, two great festivals in the Sitges Film Festival and Temporada Alta, and an interview with director, Declan Donnellan.

Yet, Sunday October 1, which the international media have called “bloody Sunday”, has changed everything. The people of Catalonia have in recent days shown an admirable capacity for calm and peaceful resistance. In fact, it has been the Spanish police who have caused the sort of violence and repression not seen since Franco’s death. Yet, the world witnessed the brutal repression, and there is a growing feeling abroad that Spain is losing its grip on Catalonia. A large part of the country has turned to a new page and has begun to write a new chapter in its history.

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